Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman from tomorrow to Villa Pignatelli

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As was the case in previous years, this year too, Napoli Comicon is anticipated by a major exhibition to be held from March 19 to May 2 at the Pignatelli Museum, in collaboration with the Museums of Campania. The Grandiose DC Comics will be an exhibition with which we celebrate one of the most important publishing houses in Italy and abroad, DC Comics, mother of so many superheroes. Both the Festival COMICON Editions will be confronted with the history and the innovations that the oldest publisher of superheroes imposed in world culture. In the year when the most famous superheroes of all time, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, are preparing to invade the screens with the highly anticipated Batman Vs. Superman Zack Snyder, we will discover the secrets of a successful long-almost a century.

Driving along the origins of a famous characters universe and the history of the authors who have made the DC Comics and Cartoon everything. We will see the birth of the superhero tale, and how exactly 30 years ago, thanks to the comic legends like Alan Moore and Frank Miller, the DC Comics revolutionized the concept of the hero again in fundamental Watchmen and The Return of the Dark Knight. All this, through the original drawings of the greatest Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, then move on to Alex Ross, Simon Bisley, John Bolton, Jim Lee and Italian authors under the DC stable. These beautiful works will be on display thanks to the availability of many collectors. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with DC Comics USA, will be curated by some industry insiders, and accompanied by an elegant and rich saggiocatalogo published by COMICON editions in the series

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