Carriage Museum and Collection Harness

museo-delle-carrozze napoli

Wednesday, April 29 at 18:00, in the Palazzina Rothschild Villa Pignatelli, inaugurated the Collection Harness the Carriage Museum. The museum, designed by Bruno Molajoli – which had accepted the donation of the Marquis Mario D’Alessandro di Civitanova – and designed in 1975 by Ezio Bruno De Felice in the former stables of the villa, was reopened in June 2014 after long years of closure and complex renovations. Rearranged according to modern museological criteria presents a rich set of carriages and buggies production French, English and Italian, which testifies collections Civitanova, Dusmet, Spennati, Leonetti Santo Janni and De Felice.

Carriages alongside hundreds of harness leather, bites, whips, harnesses and various objects for the care of the horse, ranging from opener to combs mane, to bruciapeli, shoes cover socket. Twenty saddlery type ‘necklace’ for individual attacks, to retaliate and quadrille, a wide variety of nozzles and a rare collection of whips and riding crops hunting of particular value are sorted on large display panels in walls and notice boards .

In the rooms are also exposed two sedans and some coaches, including the nimble Spider Phaeton or spider manufacturer Lawton – London, car very elegant and light finishes cane.To acquaint the public of the youngest in a world gone and forgotten were made some multimedia screens in depth with progressive analytical cards, info and tips. For younger visitors to Villa Pignatelli was realized a fake coach, a recreational-educational stations with interactive games for the construction of the carriage and the dressing of the horse and the coachman. Finally, a video presents a selection of vintage movies on the use of carriages.

Hours 8:30 to 14:00 – Closed Tuesday – Admission € 2