For Daniel Buren is… “As a children’s game”

daniel buren

According to the greek philosopher Platone: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. If they see the beautiful and will reveal many, therefore, in the spaces of the Madre Museum of Naples that, from April 24 (opening at 19) to 31 August 2015, will house the original and colorful exhibition of French artist Daniel Buren. A maxi-site installation titled “As a children game”, which will see the large room on the ground floor turn into a huge play area: a real construction game in real size. A work – result of the collaboration with the architect Patrick Bouchain – offering a subtle dialogue with the architecture, which becomes alive, performative: visitors will have, in fact, the ability to walk within a city made “sui generis” hypnotic circles (on which the lines appear hallmark of the works of Buren), colored bows, cylindrical towers, stands square, triangular pediments, placed symmetrically to each other as if they were part of the architecture of the museum, with both of its hypothetical and potential alternative fantastic and imaginative. An unusual exhibition, which celebrates the relationship between the Madre and its audience, between the institution and its community. One of the greatest contemporary artists, Daniel Buren is the author of several works in which the visual value is always associated with the theoretical one, and whose representative element could be summarized in its use of the term “in situ” expression that indicates the strong interrelation between interventions and exhibition spaces or urban they are realized.