Music in the Church of Sant’Aniello Caponapoli

chiesa Sant'Aniello a Caponapoli

“Drink, beauty and Solatia” is the name of the event that will take shape Sunday, April 19, starting at 11, in the church of Sant’Aniello Caponapoli, behind the First Hospital. In the heart of the historic center of Naples. A special event, organized in collaboration with Legambiente Neapolis 2000, which includes a visit to the beautiful location situated on the ancient Acropolis of Neapolis intersection between Via del Sole and vico Sant’Aniello (accessed from via Constantinopoli), where visible layering historical urban, from the ancient Greeks to the present. In the lineup, even an impressive concert of Patrizia Lopez, singer-songwriter-guitarist and writer in California, arrived in the shadow of Vesuvius over thirty years ago for a live, and fell in love in the city, she decided to remain there. For the occasion, the artist, who has, among other things, collaboration with Edoardo Bennato, John Turturro and Antonio Capuano, will present a selection of ancient Neapolitan songs in a style that smells of distant coasts of California, who has also enclosed in cd “Solatia”. An unusual Sunday full of beauty and conviviality with cocktail sauce Neapolitan. For participation is provided a contribution of 7 euro donated to the restoration of the church, which boasts goodies like a stretch of Greco-Roman walling up the aisle and a wonderful altar table with central Girolamo Santacroce depicting the Madonna of the Souls in Purgatory between Sant’Aniello and San Cataldo.