The Neapolitan second Ciro Discepolo

Grandangolo campano - foto Ciro Discepolo

“The wide angle is my favorite lens that suggests to me a lot to get closer to people and to look with a wide field of vision, for example, the Neapolitan is around me. But there is a Neapolitan? “. In asking this question is Ciro Discepolo, neapolitan journalist, writer and astrologer, his second book of photography, which by Thursday, April 23 (opening at 19) to May 31, will exhibit a selection of his images in the cozy space of the pole of taste “Eccellenze Campane” Via Brin 69 in Naples.

The exhibition, entitled “Grandangolo Campano”, will feature a series of shots that capture the authentic Neapolitan, that something that makes only the inhabitants of the city and the Gulf that is also imprinted on the faces of its visitors.

“Lately I’ve been devoting time to photography – explains Discepolo – that besides being a pleasure is also an outlet for the soul”.

At the opening, in addition to the author, who particularly loves travel, literature, cinema, good food and the Amalfi Coast and recently rediscovered, after about forty-five years, an old passion for photography, will take part also Luigi Caramiello, professor of the University of Naples Federico II – Department of Social Sciences.