Returns “Ricomincio da Tre”, 35 years after its debut.

film "Ricomincio da tre"

At the time of onset, in 1981, won two Grolle golden, two David di Donatello for best picture and best actor, four Nastri d’argento for best actor and best new director for the best producer (Fulvio Lucisano and Mauro Berardi) and for the best subject. But “Ricomincio da Tre”is not only an award-winning films and box-office, it is especially important to a film experiment, through which the Neapolitan comic, among the most beloved of all time, brought to the big screen the story of a simple story incredibly, after many years it is still fresh in everyone’s memory. The theatrical release scheduled for 23 and 24 november, it really is a great gift for the audience that will again relive the emotions of the film Troisi.

The impatience of Gaetano, a young man who decided to move to Florence to try to escape from the monotony of the town in which he lives, San Giorgio a Cremano, clearing even the giants of the time as “Il bisbetico domato”, “Fantozzi contro tutti” and the second installment the original trilogy of “Star Wars.” But what should you much success for this film? Simply originality of a comedy delicate and a bit ‘melancholy, accompanied by poetry scenes of musical notes of another unforgettable, “Pino Daniele”. This mixture made it so one of the productions evergreen of Italian cinema.