“In the room”… the discovery of true art

pan napoli

What happens to an artist as “work”? What are the feelings that cross and which, instead, the possible doubts? These and other questions will be answered by participating 7 (from 13 to 19.30) and 8 April (from 9.30 to 19.30) in the first event signed TrueArt, the platform created by Alessandra Mai, who intends to propose, between the real and the virtual, a vision of the relationship between artists and audience, intriguing and interactive. To act as the event location “In the room”, the Pan -Palazzo of Arts in Naples in Via dei Mille, for the occasion, will host performances by Nicola Piscopo, Giovanni Anastasia, Davide Nicosia, Alice Tani, Luca Evangelista Noemi Priolo, Mariarita Renatti, Roberto Iodice, Leandro Centore and the same Mai. The art space will show naked and intimate, and each artist will perform different performances telling so sometimes bizarre, but definitely genuine. What will happen to the museum you will find out just walking through the halls, where every action, every gesture, be spontaneous and natural, and every feeling generated will be the result of an artistic journey experienced by the public and given birth by the talent of true art. What you will observe the moment before it could change completely in the next one. “In the room”, in fact, while living in a static space will have an “internal” dynamic performance further generate performance and what that will be shown will be constantly changing. Not surprisingly, it is recommended to experience the event both days for don’t miss the moments, like a film that holds you sitting on a chair up to the end credits. From April 9 to 20, the same Pan will host the exhibition of works created on 7 and 8.