Spring at the Museum between fossils, minerals and dinosaurs


Minerals, rocks, Allosaurus fragilis, rare fossils, corals, ancient instruments and so on and so forth. Hands up who has never dreamed of going back in time, perhaps, hundreds, thousands or even millions of years ago. Well, from 18 April to 31 May 2015, to celebrate spring, every Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 13:30, the Royal Mineralogical Museum and the Zoo, Anthropology, Paleontology and Physics of the Museum Centre of Natural Sciences and Physical of Naples, embedded between ad hoc in via Mezzocannone 8 and San Marcellino 10, will be open to the public with free access to allow tourists and residents of all ages a real step back in time.

The initiatives taken to the promotion and dissemination of Sciences of Nature, transmitting knowledge, help to instill in people the respect for nature in all its aspects, in the enchanted halls of the Zoological Museum, you can admire the photographic exhibition “Images from the Earth: A Journey Through the majesty and uniqueness of our planet” by Simone Sbaraglia. On display, forty images of the wonders of the planet in the fantastic frame of science museums of Federico II, who for the occasion and for May of the monuments will be open to the public from Monday to Sunday until 31 May.

Over the weekend, by reservation, you can also take guided tours for a fee of 30 minutes.