Monuments in May 2015. Here is the full schedule

marechiaro di notte

The main activities of May 2015 will be held in the five weekends of the month of Mary, 1-31, from Friday to Sunday, and on 1 and 2 June. The Monuments in May will focus on the music, and especially on touring choirs (who will perform in the various islands of the monumental town), on historical places of music in Naples which the old conservatives and theaters, and on contemporary sites.

But even on the streets of “craftsmanship”, the exhibition of musical instruments and the many stories and legends inspired by the magic of the pentagram. The theme then expands to “hearts” and “color”, because love is the main theme of artistic production Neapolitan and because the colors characterize the natural environment and artistic heritage of the ancient capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. For every weekend then you will offer the color associations related to events, walks, exhibitions and performances. Let’s see what.

The week-end | 1-2-3 May: RED – the sign of blood and passion

II WEEKEND | May 8-9-10: BLACK AND WHITE – like the keys of a piano to remind musical instruments and music

III WEEKEND | 15-16-17 May: Blue – the color of the sky and the sea

IV WEEKEND | 22-23-24 May: YELLOW – inspired by the color of the tuff and gold treasures of the city

V WEEKEND | 29-30-31 May | June 1 to 2: GREEN – inspired by the color of the city parks, hidden gardens and cloisters

But we will now move to the full program. Below is the link where you can download the pdf document of the entire month of events.