In Santa Chiara, “Meminisse ricordare Neapolis”


Guided tours, music and finger food. Saturday 16 and Friday, May 22, on the twentieth anniversary of the Franciscan Museum of Naples, in the charming Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara will form the event “Meminisse ricordare Neapolis”. A double date, not to be missed, which provides, from 21 hours, “Habemus Coena” succulent feast marked by recipes of ancient Rome made and revisited by the personal chef Cecilia Squillace with musical accompaniment by harp and violin at the hands of teachers Angela Catapano and Maria D’Alessio. The dinner, set in the beautiful eighteenth-century refectory, usually not open to the public, will be divided into Gustatio, Prima Mensa and Dulcis in Fundo. A tasty step back in time that will see in the table, among other things, omelettes lettuce, egg pies with carrots, pork meatballs in omentum in sweet wine sauce, cheese cake with spelled flour, cubes migliaccio with honey and green pepper and cassata with jelly water ginger. All washed down with drinks to the rocket, Greco di Tufo and Falerno del Massico.

At 20, it will be possible to visit at night the spa area of ​​the Museo dell’Opera Franciscan. The idea of ​​a museum exhibition inside the monastery was born of a dual need: to give a worthy place to the works that survived the bombing that struck the Church in ‘43 and give access to the spa area of ​​the first century AD, located along the west side of the Franciscan citadel. To admire, artifacts unearthed during the restoration work carried out by the Friars Minor in the 50s, the reconstruction of the historical events of the Complex of Santa Chiara, the statues and marble decorations from the church and rare tapestries and wooden door-reliquaries. The event has a limited number, and will cost 25 euro. For reservations required you can call the numbers 081 5516673 or 081 19362953.