Spectators-detective protagonists of “Scissors Madness”

Forbici & Follia

He writes “Scissors&Madness,” it said original interactive show, already seen by over 10 million viewers around the world, where the audience is the real star. A hilarious comedy from the script never final and the final different every night, which will be staged on January 14 to 17, the theater Cilea of ​​Naples. A game of contrasts and many possible truths set in an unusual salon hairdresser.

Scissors & Madness is the story of a day like many others. Sorry, the day when there is the representation. The day when the peaceful life of gossip flowing merrily between the advances of male hairdresser to all customers and small dreams of her aide – who has, perhaps, a relationship with a misunderstanding antiquarian – is interrupted by the assassination of the old pianist who lives upstairs and is the owner of the whole building. But, twist, everyone present had a motive that would justify the crime and at the same time would have the opportunity to perform it. Then you will discover that, in reality, two customers are undercover police and they must arrest the culprit… How? With the collaboration of the spectators / witnesses, who can solve the mystery, thanks to what we have seen it happen, and the questions that will be asked. Starring the funny text written by the Swiss psychologist Paul Portner, then turned into comedy by Bruce Jordan and Marilyn Abrams, Roberto Ciufoli, Max Pisu, Michela Andreozzi and Barbara Terrinoni involving Nini Salerno and Nino Formicola. The direction and the Italian version of the show are, however, by Marco Rampoldi.