“Teatroalladeriva” at the Stufe of Nerone


Ivan, a municipal employee, is convinced that he was crowned King of Spain and to this end up in a mental hospital. The identity disorder resets every day his mind, making him always live one single day: the first, and then the last, by the sovereign. “Last day of King Ferdinand VIII”, with the Society of the Future – Teen Theatre, directed by and starring Cristian Izzo and Anna Bocchino director Ettore Nigro, is the next show of “Teatroalladeriva – the theater on the raft”, scheduled for Sunday, July 5, at 21, at the Spa-Stue di Nerone of Bacoli, in the province of Naples. The exhibition, conceived by Ernesto Colutta with the help of playwright and director Giovanni Meola, who is also artistic director for the third year, has three companies emerging, but already established, dealing with original dramas or rewrites of classics of the past.

The uniqueness of this event lies in the fact that the shows are shown on a floating raft and built specifically positioned within the thermal lake of stoves.

In this picturesque setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there will be events that will involve the audience, trying to make its laugh, move and think.

July 12 will be the turn of “Little Women”, a classic, adapted and revised by the company Teatro Rostocco, written and directed by Ferdinand Smaldone and Paola Guarriello, Chiara Mattiacci, Noemi Pirone, Anna Maria Russo, Chiara Vitiello, Francesca Caprio, Chiara De Cicco and Valeria Di Capua. On July 19, however, the grand finale with the company to Teatro a Cunzumè, with the show “Three magnificent bachelors” by Claudio Buono for director Giovanni Merano with Francesco Saverio Esposito, Paul Gentile, Grazia Lecce, Carlo Liccardo, Serena Pisa and Shanti Tammaro. The ticket price is 10 €.