A Train to the Stars, Pietrarsa the moonlight


Put one evening at the National Museum of Pietrarsa, the mega structure at the boundary between Naples and Portici, surrounded by the charm of old locomotives and trains, which have united Italy from 1839 to the present day, and add us the opportunity to observe the moon through special machines and means you’ll be participating in a Train to the Stars. Saturday, May 23, the museum site will be exceptionally open to visitors, as well as from 9 am as always, from 19 and up to 23 hours for the evening dedicated also to the Moon through a fascinating experience astronomical.

The event romantically titled A Train to the Stars, will be organized in collaboration with the Amateur Astronomers Union Neapolitans and includes an illustration of the constellations in the Cinema Hall and the observation of the stars instead, with special instrumentation, at the amphitheater at ‘opened.

That Pietrarsa is one of the areas largest and most fascinating museums in Europe and, while maintaining the key role of “place of memory of the FS”, thanks to the restructuring carried out, you start to become more and more an exhibition and convention of the first order, the service of culture. This one night will be an opportunity not only to take a look closer to the Moon, even to visit the facility at night, do not forget that there is still on display, the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci, the Genius of Good “. In short, an event to mark the agenda.

National Railway Museum Cross Pietrarsa
Corso San Giovanni in Teduccio – Naples
Ticket prices: adults € 8 – up to 18 years 6 €

Info: www.museopietrarsa.it