“Wine & Thecity 2015” goes live… There the program

Castel dell'Ovo

It continues to Naples, until May 20, Wine & Thecity, the most original and lively festival of widespread urban creativity and good drink. In particular, 13 to 16 May the event will involve about 80 shops in Chiaia, the historic center and Vomero. Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13, sommelier, wine glasses and bottles of wine will populate jewelers, boutiques, art galleries and design, in a path of aperitifs on the road: from Piazza Amedeo to Via Calabritto through via Vittoria Colonna, Via Carlo Poerio and Via Fiorelli. In Ascension square will stage the performance Royal Wedding by Marchè Mariage accompanied by wines from the cellars Mustilli. As night falls, watching the face of Castel dell’Ovo where from 20 to 24, the artist Caterina Arciprete projects the video installation “Transition Point2. The thrill will continue on the seaside terrace of the Circle Rari Nantes with bubbles of Franciacorta DOCG Court Aurea. Aperitifs in the boutiques of Chiaia and the historical center will continue on 14, 15 and 16 May involving via Filangieri, Via Bisignano, via Alabardieri, via Ferrigni, via Morelli, via Carducci, the Riviera di Chiaia and via Vetriera. On May 14, with “White over the City”, Grand Hotel Parkers invites on the terrace for a drink full of white with the works of the designer Roberto Monte and whites of Villa Matilde. Goblets and wine also in art galleries and design and in the studios of the artists: The study of Giuliana Morelli, the study of Valeria Corvino, Space Kromia, Prac – Piero Renna Contemporary Art, Vetriera 12 Spazio Invenzione Designers.

On May 15, in the Toledo station of the Naples metro, defined by The Daily Telegraph the most beautiful in Europe, will stage TeatrinGestAzione Out of the order, from 18 to 19, a performative installation by Simona Perchiazzi with 15 players in dialogue with the transit space and the charm of the place. At 18, Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano will open the doors of the monumental hall and the museum to the Dap Jazz duo, the tasting of wines from the Wine Women of Campania and mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP of the Consortium.

May 16 Wine & Thecity disembark at Vomero boutiques and restaurants of Via Bernini, Piazza Vanvitelli, via Morghen, via Cimarosa and via Kerbaker. The same day, a raid of the Theatre of the Soul, from 11 to 12, will surprise travelers funicular Chiaia from Parco Margherita Via Cimarosa.

Also on 16 May, drink solidarity in La Gloriette, on the hill of Posillipo, with Molino Caputo, pizzas and wines of Ciro Salvo and casa Setaro. In the evening, the church of San Rocco a Chiaia, headquarters of the Foundation Pietà dei Turchini, welcome the reading Drunkenness noir: Marialuisa Firpo and Diego Nuzzo will read aloud the new story that Diana Lama wrote for Wine & Thecity; in combination, the Trento Doc Spumante Morus, top of the range of Cantina Mori Colli Zugna Mori and a tasting sweet and salty by Anna Chiavazzo of The Garden of Geneva.

On May 18, Sessa Palace, home of the Goethe-Institut, will open the door to Wine & Thecity at the presentation of culinary yellow “Crime pink pepper” the writer Brigitte Glaser with a tasting of wines from the vineyard Broom; at 20.30, it will continue to Veritas restaurant in Corso Vittorio Emanuele for a literary dinner and a conversation between the chef Gianluca D’Agostino and the author of the book. May 18 Wine & Thecity will also touch on Corso Vittorio Emanuele bringing the wine in the spaces of co-working 137/A and Crop Studio, NFI and Francesco Squeglia and the small church twentieth-century SS Redeemer, where Don Franco Asti propose an evening conversations, readings, music and tasting of olive oil and wine.

May 19, double date: the Castel dell’Ovo for the exhibition Design for Human Food ADI Campania and via Brin by Eccellenze Campane for an evening of food, wine, art and photography with the participation of Flegrea Photo and writer and astronomer Ciro Discepolo.

The grand finale of the festival on May 20, which will involve the grand staircase of Montesanto and Quartieer Intelligente between street art, swing music, DJ sets and the wines of the Consortium Wines of Sannio: from 19 to 23, the program includes actions Art care of the collective 137A, music and dances with the Swing Tree and Swingin ‘Naples, video wall by Catherina Arciprete and Dj set by dj Cerchietto.

And last but not least, the excitement of this year will be granted a final rush celebrating a year of Fashion & Food, the Salvio Parisi’s blog magazine, Friday, May 22, at the Salone Margherita, which will open the door to Wine & Thecity in a play of light design, fashion and great wines. An extraordinary location for the goodbye to 2016.