Pompeii, returned to visitors high 4 Domus !! It does not end here


No longer just rubble and ruins badly reduced. Now we have an aerial of over 60 thousand square meters, with shops, businesses, Domus and a fully accessible road network, which is returned to the public at the end of the interventions for the safety of the Regio VIII, provided by the Great Pompeii Project (GPP ).

This is the vast area of ​​the ancient city that is more easily accessible from the entrance to the excavations of Porta Marina, and therefore which is south of the Forum and the Basilica and which extends up to the theater district, looking out on Via Abundance. Superintendent Massimo Osanna presenting to the press the results of the use of European funding has happily declared that “thanks to the efforts of the Superintendent and staff of the Directorate of Large Project POMPEI, for the first time, allowed to open to the public four more Domus.

The House of the Queen Carolina, the House of the Wild Boar, the House of lime, Casa del Medico as well as the Botanical Garden and the adjacent building. “Returned to its former glory even the Odeion, the best known as the Teatro Piccolo and which is located towards the Porta Stabia. And we continue to work to return to the world good of all humanity.