The festival queen of Cusano Mutri, dedicated to mushrooms

cusano mutri sagra funghi

Three weeks to tell. So he quotes the text of a famous Italian song: an ever green singing that combines well as commercial at the Festival of Mushrooms that the Sunni town of Cusano Mutri celebrates the coming weeks. From Friday, September 25th until October 11th. In those days, the historical center of the town is alive with events of all kinds: concerts for lovers of music and folk songs, exhibitions with pieces of local craftsman. And again: guided tours of nature trails and historic, in a village that boasts medieval roots.

But back to … bomb on flavor and taste of porcini mushrooms! So many food stands that you can find in Cusano Mutri: spaces dedicated to the protagonist of the festival and the many dishes that will satisfy your craving for mushrooms. There is everything and even more than the typical cusanese dedicated to this food of which there are more than 100,000 species. The festival will be combined with an Exhibition increasingly rich, where, in addition to local products, such as various species of mushrooms, wild strawberries mountain, honey, chestnuts, homemade bread, rustic and sweets, as well as wooden objects, wicker or iron in traditional craftsmanship, will be presented products of other municipalities in the famous Titerno. In short, it ‘s not worth making a jump in Cusano Mutri?