Approaching the festival “Golden Green” Albanella

Sagra olio d'oliva ad Albanella
Sagra olio d'oliva ad Albanella

The event organized in the center of the country, “Land of Olives” and hamlet of the ninth century, as usual will take place in the first weekend of december, so this year will be featured on saturday 5 and sunday 6 . Who wants to, can appreciate the goodness of this noble product of the Mediterranean diet and recount taste and perfume tasting it in a variety of preparations. For the occasion will be cooked the dishes of local tradition including pizza Cilento, the famous lagane and chickpeas, the sfrionza, chicory and potatoes and less known, but equally tasty, vicci fried (fried waffles), accompanied by rivers in full of local wine.

Tastings in “purity” of the noble gold green succulent sauce of plants Harrier, which are of the variety that the Rotondella, will be served on slices of farmhouse bread. And there’s more! There will be missed moments of entertainment with music and folk dances of Salerno. So what do you expect? Saturday 5 and sunday, December 6 at all Harrier. Guaranteed a dip in the tradition and authenticity!

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