Tango protagonist in Naples Central


Put on a Sunday morning, or rather two, in the open space of the bustling Central Station of Naples, in Piazza Garibaldi, a group of tango lovers moved by the passion for the sensual Argentine dance. Add an ad hoc setting, excellent music selection, great desire of fun and a bit of curiosity. Et voila “Milonga Station”, the event that will see the elegant atmosphere of the tango arrive, as if by magic, in the commercial gallery of Naples Central transforming the atrium of the upper station of Naples in a real milonga with lots of chairs and tables, where travelers and fans will experience a special morning dedicated to what the musician and Argentine director Enrique Santos Discépolo called “a sad thought that is danced”.

Two the free events not to be missed: Sunday 7th and 14th June, from 11 am to 14. Musicalizador exceptional Petrarca TDJ, which will select the melodies that fit into rendez vous inserted within the framework of initiatives that Grandi Stazioni, with the organization NMK, is deploying to animate the renewed station Neapolitan making it, in fact, a modern agora where to combine the ability to make purchases with the opportunity to meet and attend events.