Cinemaday’s 2016, and the ticket costs 3 €


He repeats the experience already tested successfully in past years Cinemaday’s all over the boot. The initiative aims to encourage fans of movies of all genres. Each film in circulation in the four days that goes 11 to 14 April, will be accessible at the price of 3 euro (5 euro for those in 3D) for guests of every room that has joined the event. The complete and updated instantly of these, as well as their current programming, is available by clicking on the link .

Great was the success in the last edition 2015. Last year, during the event, tickets were sold over 1.800.00, why even have the dates have been announced for 2016 in addition to April, for an edition autumn to be held 10-13 ottobre2016. For the white sheet friends remember some of the upcoming films, and that could be of immediate interest: Fast as the Wind, Too Naples and The Golden Age.