Egg hunt at Science City

caccia alle uova città della scienza

A real scientific treasure hunt, during which children, who for the occasion will come free, discover, along with their accompanying adults, many mysteries of the animal and plant world. The event is scheduled for Sunday, March 20 from 10 to 14. The event is in collaboration with Kinder Surprise and children can also enjoy the presence of the mascot ‘Pasquale’ … the Bunny Kinder. chocolate eggs for all to solving the proposed quizzes.

Which? Here’s an example: “How many children have the” axolote “? Identify them and count them. ” Or: “And how many are there religious mantis at home today in Science City?”.

Exploring the Teaching Garden and the House of children insects find the solution of the questions to get to the conquest of chocolate eggs.

There will also be for the pleasure of all, a performance in flight birds of prey (vultures, hawks, owls, barn owls and others), produced by Wings in the Wind, with scientific insights on their characteristics and the dynamics that regulate the their flight.

But not only egg hunt Sunday morning. During the day, in fact, there will be scientific workshops on the science of eggs and science tastings for small and large, sports of archery and fencing, and also fun activities outdoor and wooden games for the little ones.

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