Family Concert in Floridiana

Villa Floridiana

Not only video games and cartoons. For children who love music, especially fascinated by the world of the classic, the Museum of Martina in the Floridiana, ad hoc set in the heart of Vomero (Naples), in fact, a series of eye-catching Family concert, dedicated to parents and children. Rendez vous only aimed at educating listen, discover the magic of the musical instruments and the success of their representation in art of the Renaissance and Baroque. Next meeting, Sunday, February 22, at 10:30 am, with Silvia Bellio, principal flute of the orchestra of the Teatro di San Carlo, followed by April 19, the meeting with cellist Gianluca Giganti, international concert, the first part in the orchestras of Santa Cecilia, RAI Turin and Teatro di San Carlo.

Matinees, lasting about two hours, are dedicated to parents and children ages 6 and up and include a nice conversation and engaging with children, teens and parents about the music and instruments. After the concert, art historians Progetto Museo will accompany the participants on a guided tour theme, revealing, through ivories, corals and porcelain, the importance of music in the European decorative arts from the Renaissance and Baroque.