Forum of Cultures, in Naples The City of Boys and Appaciamoci


Double appointment on the hill of Partenope, by the Fifth Municipality of Naples. It starts tomorrow, Saturday, November 29, at 10:00 am, with “City of Boys“, when in the spaces of the Salesian Institute of the Sacred Heart of Via Scarlatti, 150 boys and girls of high schools in the municipalities hilly (Vomero and Arenella) will called to say their point of view on how they see their own neighborhood and how they think should change. A comparison from which will escape real proposals for the city. And ‘expected, among others, the intervention of Mario Coppeto (President Municipality 5), Maria Grazia Falciatore (expert in integrated programming), Angela Maniera (coordinator GPA) and the rapper Lucariello. The event is organized by the social cooperative “La Locomotive Onlus” and was organized in collaboration with the group Napoli 6 Agesci, Ami and the Association Marco Mascagna. Involved also “Chi Rom e chi no” “Iocisto“, “Operatori di Pace” and the Presidium of Libera Vomero Arenella.

On November 30, however it is the turn of “Appaciamoci” live contest of graffiti in the square Quattro Palazzi. Five artists will discuss the theme of peace as analysis of reality and its contradictions, inequalities, marginalization, and the consequent promotion of change, participation and empowerment. The writers realize their works live in a festive atmosphere, with live music of Funky Pushertz, of Moderup and with a DJ set by Roberto Funaro. Also provided a live training parkour, sports discipline with distinctive urban, by the Motion Park, as well as an area dedicated to animation for children. It starts at 9:00 am o’clock with a collective cleaning of the square and, from 10 onwards, the party begins. Both events fall in the calendar of initiatives planned in Naples for the Forum of Cultures.