Jewels dedicated to a click

Creazioni di Cristiano Barbarulo

Photography as a source of inspiration. There is the charm of the last flash of Cristiano Barbarulo creation, the Lord of … Cuff “Made in Naples”. The new collection is a worthy tribute to the art of shooting designed by the talented designer jeweler Neapolitan: ring and cufflinks dedicated exclusively to the world of photography. The design is eye-catching and original. And reply, down to the smallest details, the ring of a camera. Because the image, sometimes, that’s all. And that was immortalized with a single click, through the lens. Can also be transformed into precious jewels, enhancing, elegant fingers and cuffs of the last chic fashionable shirt.

Gemelli da polso
Piazza Amedeo 16/i
Passeggiata Colonna
80121 – Napoli