Young artists are growing at the Madre Museum in Naples

Il Museo Madre

This opens a new phase for the contest for young artists sponsored by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Donnaregina: the web platform in a dedicated room on the ground floor, at the entrance of the Madre Museum. For three months the authors, active in all fields of contemporary creativity (visual arts, literature, music, dance, theater, cinema, graphic, cartoon, design, architecture and others) were able to present their work on the site and the public could vote for them by enrolling as a critic. For authors a gym to test their skills and to make himself known; for the museum, a research in progress and constantly updated, one way to get involved and reshaping in real time from contemporary art, at the time of his own making.

A contest with 213 authors and 249 works in the race, with more than 144,000 web pages viewed not only from Italy but also from other countries like USA, England, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Armenia, Greece and Belgium. Success is also determined by the quality of all the proposals submitted. At the conclusion of the first phase of the project here are the ten authors of the most voted on the web: €

· Nicholas Tolosa (Povertà e Nella mani nulla)
· Christian Leperino (THE OTHER_MYSELF)
· Davide Stasino (Simulacrum)
· Paolo Bini (Sa e di NUOVO paesaggio)
· Viviane Izzo (Nel Segno del Cancro)
· Antonio Ambrosino (ESSENTE esisto per chi sono/esisto per chi fu e naturalmente sguardi/01)
· Sergio Eco (Donna d’Argento)
· Donatamaria Pappola (STAGIONI 2010)
· Marco Romano (eroiF)
· Luisa Dedonato (Mekònion)

The ten authors will present their works in the room “Show_Yourself @ MOTHER” (at the entrance of the museum, the ground floor). So as to coincide with the start of the project the X Contemporary Day-Hammock, the presentation of the works, on a weekly basis (every Wednesday), will be launched on 8th October and will continue until December 15, 2014 The schedule of presentations will be presented weekly on the website of the contest (

Saturday, December 20, 2014 Finally, the jury of the contest that will decide the winning work will become part of the project “Per_forming a collection“. The International Jury of Show_Yourself@Mother is formed not only by the director of the Mother, Andrea Viliani, two critics and curators who for years following the Italian art scene emerging, Florence Derieux, director of the Frac Champagne-Ardenne in Reims (France) and Giovanni Carmine, director of the Kunsthalle St. Gallen, St. Gallen (Switzerland). The Foundation Donnaregina has entrusted the development of the project at € as part of Scabec Spa.

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