“Gragnano sotto la neve” per una serata ricca di emozioni

gragnano sotto la neve

The forecasts are clear. Tomorrow, Saturday, December 20, starting at 19, “Gragnano (will be) under the snow”. Seriously, this is the name given to the event, now in its second edition, which will take shape in the “city of the pasta” par excellence, to give emotions and smiles to tourists and residents of all ages. An appointment signed by merchants via Roma, grouped in Granus, which will transform the way the town of Naples in an enchanted place animated by fantastic characters and fairy tale landscape, leaving adults and children literally speechless. Of course, there will be tastings of the many products typical of the precious town at the foot of the mountains Lattari. From homemade pasta with mozzarella still warm, the provolone grilled to panuozzo, through delicacies typical Christmas and the excellent wine of Gragnano, also mentioned by Totò in the movie “Misery and nobility”. The event, also strongly backed by Mayor Paolo Cimmino and by the Tourism Antonio Di Martino, will take place along Via Roma, a historic street of the city, known mainly because many years ago here was left to dry pasta in the sun, caressed by wind Lattari Mountains.