Naples, Halloween in Castel dell’Ovo in company of the witches


They will appear as if by magic: evanescent figures on the day dedicated to the dead. Keepers of the innermost secrets of the famous castle overlooking the sea of Partenope. With their colorful orange hats accompany the children to discover one of the many places shrouded in mystery in the city of Naples: Castle dell’Ovo, the castle made ​​famous from the egg laid by the “wizard” Virgilio somewhere in the foundations. The tour will start in the name of magic from the fortress of Megaris transformed into the perfect setting for the stories of the witches of the “Mani e Vulcani“. The event “The witches of castle is scheduled for Saturday, November 1, at 10:30 am, near the fountain of Immacolatella. On the occasion of Halloween, witches-narrators with their book of spells tell young visitors darkest legends and magic of Naples by the ghosts that wander in the basement of the castle, to the wicked “janare” that has come on the back of Benevento their sorghum brooms to wreak havoc in the home, the magicians who make talismans to protect the city, and sorcerers capable of inventing potions to make humans immortal. And, as the Anglo-Saxon tradition, the sound of the words “trick or treat” for all baby visitors will see a witch who will dispense them sweets and candies.

“The witches of castle”
Saturday, November 1, Castel dell’Ovo – Naples
By “Mani e Vulcani”
Info and reservations +39.081.5643978 – 3404230980
Participation fees: children € 6.00; carers € 4.00