Trick or treat? Also speaks Neapolitan Halloween

Halloween a Napoli

Halloween in Neapolitan sauce. For lovers of witches, tricks and treats … even back this year “Halloween Napoli”, the traditional festival (now in its sixth edition) organized by the cultural Insolitaguida, to celebrate, in an original way, at least in a party foreign appearance (it is of Celtic origin and has become a cult favorite in the United States). This year the festival presents the starting line with a novelty. Indeed, in addition to the walk narrated “Halloween tour” scheduled on October 31, November 1 and 2 and the dinner show “Halloween Napoletano,” scheduled for the evening of Saturday, November 1, landed in the group of planned events from the calendar a new business dedicated to children. It is “Trick or Treat …” playful workshop that will be hosted in the premises of the association headquarters in Via Santa Chiara (number 11), in Naples), in the afternoon of Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd November.

But let’s look at the three specific proposals made ​​in Naples dell’Halloween proposed by Insolitaguida. It starts with the traditional “Halloween tour” feature revisiting the walk narrated “Napoli: a ghost in every alley” enriched for the occasion. This year’s route is renewed and offers new ghost stories to make the experience unique, mystic or surreal. To accompany the participants will think real witches who will lead the group in the dim light of the candle in the alleys of the Old Town. The walk (participation fee € 6) is scheduled on October 31, 1 and 2 November with departures every hour from sunset until late at night. Space then the “Halloween Napoletano” a very special dinner show where, as if by magic, the spectators will gather to relive the legends and anecdotes related to the party overseas, but declined in real Neapolitan. To be clear, the story of Jack the Lantern will turn into Jack ‘o lantern “that meets the Devil in Piazza Dante in Dublin instead! But the evening’s guests will also meet the characters of the collective popular Neapolitan strictly as the” munaciello “, the beautiful” mbriana “and the” janara “in Neapolitan dialect that tell stories and legends of the city of Virgilio.Insomma, three proposals not to be missed for a party so made ​​in the USA, but riambientata in a city, Naples, which in fact witches, ghosts, and the cult of the dead, has nothing to envy anyone.Insolitaguida and where the event will unfold in a continuous succession of characters and surprises and will have as its theme the Halloween party, in a succession of short stories, monologues and theatrical scenes accompanied by sounds, colors and flavors, for an unforgettable sight.

Topped off by much … good food! Yes, because during the show for those who have the good fortune to be there, will be served a themed dinner (first course, main course and dessert), accompanied by wine and water (recommended for the tone of the evening), with a touch limoncello finale.La culinary event location? The “Teatro Cabaret Portalba,” Piazza Dante. To participate in the dinner show (contributed € 25) which will be held Saturday, November 1 (at 21:00), you must make your reservation at 338.81 05 370 Finally, the new entry “Trick or Treat …”. It will not be the “usual” costume party but an activity ludo-workshop dedicated to the little ones, where there will be treats, tricks and especially a lot of healthy fun! So it is or is not an event to mark on your calendar?

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