The Irpinia brand the conquest of Vinitaly 2014


The “Irpinia” brand the conquest of Vinitaly 2014. The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Avellino, Constantino Capone, announced in Naples, in the auditorium of the center Eccellenze Campane, the decision to reserve the wineries in the area avellinese an exhibition stand of about 1.500 square meters, in the spaces reserved for the Living International Wine (now in its forty-eighth edition), scheduled for April 6 to 9 in the exhibition center of Verona.

A turning point nothing short of momentous since, for the first time after 18 years of living together with other companies of Campania, entrepreneurs irpini walk alone exposing their product excellence within a pavilion devoted entirely to Irpinia. With much of the logo ad hoc. And a full calendar of events that includes the involvement of journalists and experts of the highest order of Italian as Moreno Cedroni, Simone Fracassi and Alberto Marcomini.

Seventy companies who are going to land in the Veneto region to present their overflowing and intoxicating “nectar” to a qualified audience of Vinitaly: a large and qualified representation of reality and consortia who make wine from Irpinia one of the leading sectors of the Campania’s economy.

“The decision to introduce yourself – says Capone – born from the vocation of the territory. Irpinia, in fact, has no major tourist vocation of Naples or Salerno, but it is equipped with a large environmental heritage that should be fully exploited”.

An area that is no coincidence holds the record and the uniqueness of the four DOCG of Felix Earth with Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino, the Greco di Tufo, the Greco di Tufo DOC Spumante and once with Vino Irpinia. “Precisely for this reason – continues Capone – we aim to create a development strategy that makes the most of the best resources of the land and the wine, of course, is one of these”. “Wine – says the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Avellino – it can be an ambassador of this message, so that the foreign markets, and those so-called mature (USA, Japan , Continental Europe) and emerging countries (China, Eastern Europe, South America) has always been in love with the ‘made ​​in Italy’, understand that behind what we call bottle makes a strong territorial reality and living that has always focused on quality”.

The President of the Chamber of Irpinia is convinced that in order to increase the export market and therefore to checkmate the crisis, businesses need to be supported by a good marketing strategy and communication, “but this – underscores – not to be the guideline of the body chamber only, but also of the Campania Region. The company, in fact, remains the only strong response, the only chance we have left out of the crisis because it is also the only company able to truly create workforce”. “However, we must understand – said Capone – that there are differences between one area and another, and that one can not think of designing the revival of a province under the illusion that what’s good for the city, both must be valid also for the other . Irpinia needs policies differ from Naples, Salerno and Caserta“.