The Tortora case moved the audience at the Naples Film Festival

Crespi al Napoli Film Festival

With long applause ended the third evening of “Schermo Napoli”, a section dedicated to documentaries in the Napoli Film Festival. The last film in the kermesse was “Enzo Tortora – a wound Italian” directed by Ambrogio Crespi, produced by the Group Datamedia. “I thank the Naples Film Festival for inviting me and for giving the film a space so important and prestigious” commented Crespi. “An area of not only image but rather an area of sensitivity and remember to pass on to future generations. A feeling that the Film Festival of Rome did not have, “added the director. “That evening was a moment to remember a man, Enzo Tortora, his family and his court case, perhaps the most striking in Italy.” “Being here – continued Crespi – means to pay tribute to another great recognition to the film and the memory of that Tortora from the court case he came out destroyed”. “A case – concluded Crespi – which opened a serious debate on justice and on repentance that even today, after more than thirty years, has not yet been completed. I believe that the duty of each of us is to convey through their own example and his own life a thing, I really hope that with this film has managed to keep his memory alive and his history. “Along with the film of Crespi were presented the work of Giacomo Fabbroncino, “Christian Leperino: Landscapes of Memory” and the documentary about the Land of Fires of Tommaso Wild Turolo titled “Every single day“.