The “Festival of the kiss” in the historic center of Naples

festival del bacio

“Kiss me a thousand times and still a hundred, a thousan, and then again after yet another hundred and one thousand one hundred and after, and then confuse the thousands all together to not to know anything, because no malicious evil knowing how many ports are our kisses”.

The sweet verses of the poet Catullus seem made ​​to measure in 2015 on the issue of the “Festival of the Kiss” that after the great success of last year, is back once again in the shadow of Vesuvius.

Top secret, for now, the detailed program, but there seems to be a certainty. It seems, in fact, that compared to 2014, which saw the protagonist Vomero, this edition will see how location only Old Town of Naples, for the occasion studded with red hearts pixelated, symbol of the event, of every size and material.

Art, passion, creativity, surprise, feeling and sociability, the basic ingredients of the initiative, which this time will take shape March 28.

“As the science suggests – the organizers explain – in the kiss between lovers there is only love. The kiss is primarily a vehicle for information, chemistry, which favors the mixture and stir gene at the base of procreation, which makes us feel for a moment immortal. The kiss through the mouth is the gateway to the soul, and only those who can schiuderla it will have access. The “Kiss” is the most common non-verbal communication in the world, that impact that releases energy and transforms. On the transformation of it we built the Festival Kiss: the feast of an entire city that, on the basis of a common territory, seeking new ways of trading”.