From Gay Odin was born CioccolatoForesta, the new temple of good taste made ​​in Naples


Good? is an understatement. The Gay Odin chocolate is sublime, exquisite, intoxicating. A veritable cascade of flavors ready to overwhelm even the most discerning of palates . And what about the extraordinary “Forest“? Branches of delicious milk chocolate looking inimitable Neapolitan specialties renowned company Vico Vetriera, their aroma and velvety taste is unrivaled in the world: those who try it once, then , can no longer do without it. So why not taste a piece in the stylish new showroom in Via Carducci taste?

Is here, in fact, in the heart of Chiaja, a few steps from Piazza San Pasquale, who has opened a new space dedicated to chocolate in all its various forms. A space obviously  “designer” Gay Odin, born from the experience of a historic chocolate factory in this shore to the Gulf since 1894, and which offers the products, but in a more modern, updated to the tastes and rituals of consumption a young and greedy.

CioccolatoForesta. Heart and head” is open daily from 9.30 am to 9.00 pm, from early morning breakfast to after dinner sweet tooth . “The selection is huge and designed mostly for young audiences” as we would like to explain Marisa Maglietta, owner, along with his sons Dimitri, Davide, Sveva and Massimo Schisa (husband of Sveva) of the historic brand in Naples. All this without neglecting mothers with children who dedicates Cioccolatoforesta “good snacks” once: the famous bread with chocolate, fresh from the oven. Stuffed at the time. As well as brioche. And what about the healthy and artisanal ice cream, and hot chocolate as tradition commands ?

“Here everything is done manually, by hand. Because what matters most is the quality of the product”, says Dimitri Maglietta, chanting the slogan of the house: “In our shop we do good with passion”.


The new store, 80sqm, has the angle of the “bread with chocolate” and the cakes where stands the “Forest caprese” a genuine cake, made without artificial flavors, made ​​according to an ancient recipe housewife. But even a corner reserved for the salt.

With the arrival of summer fresh fruit will become the protagonist, but always in combination with the chocolate. A new addition is the “cioccocuoppo” walking: a gimmick that combines the classic Neapolitan “Cuoppo” with a handful of pearls tasty. Whoever therefore wants to can buy a bag of chocolates or bare nuts and acorns to munch on, then, along the way. And yet, the flagship of the angle of the taste of street Carducci: two fountains in a continuous stream of chocolate and chocolate acorn forest zone, the most delicious temptation to garnish cups of milk, coffee or cake slices.

It can be eaten at the bar or sitting at the tables coffee with chocolate, cake, ice cream, milk shake or a slice of bread covered with chocolate spread. Chocolate, of course, is the great protagonist, presented in countless clothes: warm, liquid, cold, dark, milk, drink, or spread, of consistently high quality in the grand tradition Gay Odin. The choice of ingredients and processing techniques in fact follow the highest standards of quality: milk shake and chocolate milk are made with milk Noble Campanian Apennines, excellent product and Slow Food Presidium. “But everything is done by hand, just as in the past”, he insists Dimitri Maglietta. Cioccolatoforesta is also attentive Environment: the service is done with dishes, glasses, cups and cutlery compostable bio.


“Gay Odin is, today, one of the marks of excellence in a city that wants to resurrect” says Marisa Maglietta. “Naples – he adds – has all the qualities and resources to get back to being the European Capital Isidoro Odin found at the end of the nineteenth century, when he decided to move from Alba in the streets of Chiaja to plant his famous chocolate factory”. A city that pays tribute to director Paolo Sorrentino, Neapolitan origin and recent winner of the Oscar for his film “The Great Beauty“. Just Sorrentino, Gay Odin intended to devote a special Easter egg: “It weighs 300 pounds. And is dedicated to one of our excellences of this great land”, concludes Marisa Maglietta.

Gay Odin
Vico Vetriera, 12 Chiaja (Napoli)
Via Carducci, 29 Chiaja (Napoli)