Integration and music, begins the “Telesia for Peoples”


For the second year consecutive will be the City of Telese Terme (Benevento) to host “Telesia for Peoples – songs for life”, the event promoted by Caritas Cerreto Sannita – Telese – Sant’Agata dei Goti and Fondazione Migrantes regional CEI, organisms of the Church working in service of the poor, the needy and of human mobility in the light of the tragic events of daily landings on the Italian coast. The event, which will take place July 17 to 19 in the park of “Il Molino Jacobelli” Telese, aims to raise awareness to welcome people who live a personal hardship and social exclusion through the universal language of “music” that unites and opens to the solidarity human heart. “Every man – said the director of Caritas and Migrantes, Don Alfonso Calvano – has the right to life and one of the initiatives of the promotion of that right is health care: with this event we want to complete, even with the help of the help of many fellow citizens, the usability of the hospital ‘Ioakim Ruhuna’ we have built in the Diocese of Bururi – Africa, to help women and children in care”.  “The structure, which began in 2010 – continues Don Alfonso Calvano – has been completed. Now they need the equipment (operating tables, hospital beds, medical equipment, etc.) To be functional within, we hope, next Christmas. This is the goal that we aim with this initiative of solidarity”. “With this event – continues the director – we seek above all the involvement of the youth who, with his willpower, passion and enthusiasm can change the world and build a more just society”. Even this year to conclude the event will be the live concert (Sunday, July 19) of the stars of the TV to “Friends 2015”, Valentina Tesio and Luca Tudisca and their band, enriched by the performances of the two dancers Shaila Gatta and Cristian Lo Presti and the singer of Venezuelan Esteba. In the two previous evenings, days 17 and 18 July, to perform on the stage of the Ancient Terme Jacobelli will be musical groups from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe with their costumes and dances.