Aversa pays tribute to Jommelli and Cimarosa with an extensive music festival


Aversa, a land of art and culture, is preparing to host from 8 november  to 20 December a prestigious event with a strong appeal to lovers of classical music.
The first edition of “Jommelli / Cimarosa Festival”, which will be inaugurated on Saturday morning at 10:00 before the seat of St. Louis, provides a music festival organized into ten appointments, had a gift that the Mayor of the town of Caserta makes the two famous musicians view melodic century.
The two composers, the source Aversa, engraved with their extraordinary genius music scene of the time, becoming with their work, the essential point of reference for generations of composers in Italy and abroad. One example is the famous “Matrimonio Segreto” by Cimarosa, opera buffa masterpiece, considered a very high since the debut, inimitable example of this particular genre.


But we see in detail the program of events planned for Saturday.
Among the concerts in the program of the festival, worthy of note are those of the Teatro San Carlo, the Foundation’s Pietà de ‘Turchini, the Orchestra of the master Gerardo Di Lella (a concerto for full orchestra on Italian cinema known in the world, from Rota to Morricone, Piovani by Bob). During the event, there will also be a screening of a short film on the life of Cimarosa, with actor Peppe Lanzetta among the leaders.
But that’s not all because we remember that the festival will also be an opportunity to enhance, through guided tours, the heritage and identity of the Terra di Lavoro: city rich in history, art and culture, but also of a religious tradition and a culinary tradition from the impression unique and unmistakable.
Finally, remember that all this was made possible thanks to the intervention and the financing of the region which provides, among other things, a physical intervention with the restoration and recovery of the Seat of St. Louis, the monument in Piazza San Domenico, close to the original track walls Norman.
The seat is the only survivor of the four that were at Aversa in the Middle Ages and is the oldest of the thirteen survivors in Italy, was granted in 1195 by Emperor Henry VI, the son of Frederick Barbarossa, the families of knights and Aversana soldiers in gratitude for the support received in the war against the Normans.

“Jommelli Cimarosa Festival”
8 november-20 december 2014
Seat Of St. Louis, St. Dominico Aversa