Knots Luxury, a collection from the “taste of the sea”


If it were a book, it would be “The Old Man and the Sea” by Hemingway. If it was a first course, it would be a tasty squid. If it were a song, however, would be “Sapore di sale”. It is the brand new bracelet unisex, Knots Luxury, designed by a team of creative Neapolitan who, because of their collection, were inspired by a vintage fishing net of the historic village of Saint Lucia in Naples, of which retain an old booklet carefully navigation now yellowed. The modular bracelets, everyone sees protagonist stylized anchor galvanized steel or bronze silver, gold or rose gold, are made by hand in Italy, with local materials, by skilled artisans active for decades in the gold sector.[charme-gallery] To wrap the wrist, one or more times, authentic nautical ropes, leather or woven leather, tailored in classic nautical colors like white and blue and their many nuances, but also in red, pink and brown. “Knots Luxury – explain the designer – is the desire to cling to the strong points of life, maybe tying the purchase at important moments or the simple desire to travel plowing the sea.”