The National Library of Naples becomes a…stamp


Bookshelves: this is the dominant theme of the images chosen for the series of three new self-adhesive stamps from 80 cents, belonging to the theme “The excellence of Knowledge“, which will come to the post office counter March 21 next. The three stamps (of which today the Italian Post Office, issued a statement of illustration) celebrate the National Library “Vittorio Emanuele III” of Naples, the Institute “Tagliacarne” for the promotion of economic culture and the Library Lucchesiana of Agrigento. The images dedicated to each institution indicate, in particular, the monumental Hall of the Library of Naples, the “Parlamentino” of “Tagliacarne” Institute; the “Hall II” of the Library Lucchesiana in Agrigento where is it the statue of the donor Andrea Lucchesi Palli, opera by the sculptor Giuseppe Orlando (1766). The National Library of Naples, has its roots in the eighteenth century, when he saw the light under the Bourbon dynasty: important funds library (including the Library Farnese) were concentrated in the Palazzo degli Studi where the library was then opened to the public in 1804. In 1910 she was also annexed the Workshop of the Papyri at Herculaneum (1792 papyrus) and in 1922 was transferred to the Library Royal Palace. Over the years, were annexed other major libraries and today retains 19 000 manuscripts, incunabula and 4563 about 1.8 million volumes.