The “goodness” of St. Joseph… at Purgatory at Arco

purgatorio ad arco

Exceptionally open in the evening, tomorrow, March 21, from 19 to 23, the impressive Museum Complex of Santa Maria of the Souls of Purgatory in Arco, embedded ad hoc in via Tribunals 39, in the heart of the historic center of Naples. An event organized on the occasion of the liturgical feast of St. Joseph, with special opening in the following Saturday at the party. For the occasion, it will deepen the origin of the traditions, culture and gastronomy, related to this celebration. To kick off the narration of the history of the cult giuseppino, the reading of the beautiful seventeenth century painting by Andrea Vaccaro, “Transit of St. Joseph”, and the wooden statue of the saint, both kept in the church of Purgatory in Arco. The complex will be open during the day according to the usual schedule from 10 to 17, and then open again at 19 for visits to the church, the museum and the Hypogeum, which will conclude in the small courtyard of the structure for the tasting of the exquisite zeppola of St. Joseph of the Neapolitan tradition, it seems, a descendant of wheat pancakes propitiatory prepared in ancient Rome. Guided tours are available every 45 minutes and the entrance (5 euro ticket, which also includes the contribution of entry and dessert) for the desired time to be booked to the number 081 440 438 or awaiting confirmation email.