The Week of the Three Gulfs !! white sails will color the view

Santa Margherita, 28/04/13 Regate Pirelli - Coppa Carlo Negri 2013 Day 1 Photo: © Carlo Borlenghi

“It’s my favorite race – says Giancarlo Ghislanzoni, first in 2015 in both ORC and IRC – still the same magic of starting at midnight, and the entire path between the Pontine and Flegrean Islands; always full of surprises and always open to the finish. For those who do not know, it’s like a shorter Middle Sea (140-170 miles) and sweeter, even more spectacular: great tactical spaces between one island and another, and then to regroup around an island or a leader, a breathtaking beauty; at least 5-6 races in the regatta and at least 8-10 tactical choices all decisive; calms assured, beautiful breezes and also gusts of wind. ”

In fact right from the start, in the middle of the night, the crews have to contend with a wind often weak and find the breeze that will lead them to the first important choice: enter the channel of Procida, or stay outside? Another important step is the approach to Ponza, and as a move to Capri hurts those who end up in the shadow of the islands, remaining without air and fearing the arrival of the slower boats. The fate of the race were played several times in the approach to the island of the Sirens, the islet of the Gauls at the Ieranto Bay, where the fleet normally arrives early in the morning: it can happen to lose the command waiting attaching a thermal, a special wind current, which at that time of year is slow to enter. The Three Gulfs is allowed every monohull sailing long off everything at least 9.00 meters, with ORC rating certificate (International or Club) and IRC, and even boats with only two crew members.

A formula, that of the Three Gulfs x 2, more and more appreciated by those who feel most sailor regatta. The Minialtura, however, along with the Great Cruise, will race in two of the three days dedicated to the National Championship of the Tyrrhenian Sea; Great for Cruise is giving away a brand new Challenge Trophy, which will be held every year. The Tirreno National Championship will officially open Thursday, May 19, with the completion of registration and a briefing for skippers expected to Circolo Italian for 18.30. The first race will start on Friday 20; champions to beat? Chip only Lippa Ghislanzoni, of course, and two-time world champion Scugnizza, shipowner year Vincenzo De Blasio.