Charlie Jones & Friends laboratory simulated archaeological dig small detective

Carlo Liggieri Celanapoli

It replicates at home Celanapoli with a new event dedicated to children. Charlie Jones & Friends: in search of Neapolis, the name of the new treasure hunt of Naples. The newborn workshop is designed to raise awareness and educate your little ones to respect our cultural heritage. And ‘open to small Celanapoli friends, who will be offered an experience and an unforgettable day. We understand how. Through an intriguing journey through the alleys of the old town and vicarielli historians will discover the ancient city walls of the Hellenistic era and visit the museum area of Metro Line 1. In this mini-tour, just thought suitable for children, followed by an archaeological excavation simulated, during which the young participants will understand how unique the story of Partenope. Among their hands the smallest fragment of pottery, some of the artifacts already found, it will become the most valuable piece of a great puzzle to reconstruct with stories and events that have shaped the past. Children under the guidance of Carlo Leggieri for some time assume the role of young Indiana Jones, and feel the protagonists of this extraordinary stage that is the story, imagining scenarios and events from the sixteen, which will take them to the era of Neapolis day. The ancient city walls, the exhibition of the excavations, the necropolis, the significance of the findings, all of this will lead them to split the reconstruction of daily life in the city of the Gulf.

Info utli:
The event is for children aged between 5 and 10 years.
The number of participants is strictly fixed at 16 units.
Children must be accompanied by an adult-escort (max 2) throughout the course of the initiative.
Duration 3 hours
There is an interlude greedy for boys
It is recommended that the small wear jeans

Charlie Jones & Friends – Educational Laboratory of Simulated Archaeological Excavation
Saturday, November 29 H 16.30 – Porta San Gennaro

Info and reservations at 347 559 72 31
Will be considered valid only bookings made by telephone (including SMS only)

These contributions will feed into a fund for the removal of waste materials from the place of Celanapoli to achieve the recovery of the Hellenistic necropolis of Neapolis.