The “Stars” of Fiorito enlightened “Il Blu di Prussia”


The poet, writer and philosopher Tagore Indian loved to repeat: “Do not cry when the sun sets, the tears would prevent you from seeing the stars”.Certainly, the stars, beautiful and colorful, if they see many of the gallery Al Blu di Prussi” via Filangieri 42 in Naples, until February 14, will host the exhibition of Lino Fiorito titled just “Stars”.

In the exhibition, a collection of 40 watercolors by the artist of Ferrara, but now Neapolitan adoption, at different times, between November and December 1998, some in Cologne, other in Naples. Still others, larger designs, born in the shadow of Vesuvius in January 1999 are inspired by a possible staging of the play “Stars”. Then shelved a project, which will finally see the light on the occasion of this exhibition. The text of Trucillo, in fact, will be read by actor Andrea Renzi during the inauguration of the exhibition scheduled for Wednesday, January 21 at 18. The icing on the cake, a book – catalog, which contains images of the works on show Lino Fiorito, the play and some poems of LuigiTrucillo as well as an interesting conversation between the artist, the poet and curator of the exhibition Maria Savarese.