Luca Bracali lights Castel dell’Ovo

luca bracali

The layered rock formations through the salar Andean volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls. The Earth in its sheer beauty, will be the star of the show “2015 Year of the Light” by photographer, filmmaker and explorer Tuscan Luca Bracali, whose inauguration is scheduled for tomorrow, 10 January, at 17:30. Exceptional location, the Hall of Prisons Castel dell’Ovo of Naples, which will house a collection of 20 works, format 140 x 100 cm, dedicated to the four primary elements: air, water, earth and fire, which joins the light, with which Bracali “draws” and gives shape to his images, expressing in its true essence the etymology of the word “photography”: writing with light. In setting, curated by Viviana Rasulo with the technical and scientific coordination of Chiara Reale, Luca Bracali studied carefully shapes, lights and colors capturing nature in all its glory with a deep sense of observation and artistic talent, creating a thread between the various elements, keeping it separate or joining between them. A treat, the images dedicated to the mysterious and fascinating “northern lights”, the result of 17 expeditions in the Arctic over the last six years. The exhibition will run until 7 February 2015, from 10 to 13 and from 14 to 18 (Sundays from 10 to 13).