July is outdoor cinema at the Parco del Poggio


An excellent opportunity to enjoy a good movie in the open air, under the stars and possibly in sweet and good company. Shows start at 21 and the ticket costs € 5.00. The box office opens half an hour before the show.

To check for any other information the company of the event page on facebook is:
www.facebook.com/arenamodernissima/?fref=ts .

Here is the current schedule for July 2016.

Friday, July 1: “Happiness is a” complex system of Gianni Zanasi

Saturday, July 2: “suffragette” of Saarah Gavron

Sunday, July 3: “living is easy with eyes closed” by David Trueba

Monday, July 4: “The case Spotlight” by Thomas McCarthy

Tuesday, July 5: “God exists and lives in Brussels” Jaco Van Dormael

Wednesday, July 6: “Room” by Lenny Abrahamson

Thursday, July 7: “The child bride” Khadija Al-Salami

Friday, July 8: “The good output” by Enrico Iannaccone

Saturday, July 9: “The great beauty” by Paolo Sorrentino

Sunday, July 10: “Weekend” by Andrew Haigh

Monday, July 11: “The danish girl” Tom Hooper

Tuesday, July 12: “The Little Prince” by Mark Osborne

Wednesday, July 13: “The unexpected intern” by Nancy Meyers

Thursday, July 14: “Flower” by Branko

Friday, July 15: “Joy” by David Russell Gm

Saturday, July 16: “Steve jobs” by Danny Boyle

Sunday, July 17: “The bridge of spies” by Steven Spielberg

Monday, July 18: “Money Monster” by Jodie Foster

Tuesday, July 19: “Revenant” by Alejandro González Iñárritu

Wednesday, July 20: “Amy, the girl behind” Asif Kapadia

Thursday, July 21: “They called Jeeg” by Gabriele Mainetti

Friday, July 22: “The Crossing” by Salvo Cuccia

Saturday, July 23: “Julieta” by Pedro Almodóvar

Sunday, July 24: “Too Neapolitan” Gianluca Ansanelli

Monday, July 25: “Perfect strangers” by Paolo Genovese

Tuesday, July 26: “The mad joy” by Paolo Virzi

Wednesday, July 27: “Confessions” by Ermanno Olmi

Thursday, July 28: “Fuocoammare” by Gianfranco Rosi

Friday, July 29: “We need to talk” by Sergio Rubini

Saturday, July 30: “Quick as the wind” by Matteo Rovere

Sunday, July 31: “Correspondence” by Giuseppe Tornatore