Here is the schedule for the Saturday 2 May of Monuments 2015

disinganno cappella san severo napoli

Let’s see the full program of this Saturday, May 2.


9.00 / 11:00 A church, a hundred stories: Santa Maria del Carmine tour sought refuge in the sacred place where Masaniello, the tomb of a long line of famous people from input Church of Santa Maria del Carmine cost € 8.00 by Cultural Association Tournarrà reservations required 3495352046/3450406500 www.tournarrà.it

9.00 / 11.30 / 15.45 / 17:45 The refuge of a santae the gardens of the good society: the islet of Megaride, Castel dell’Ovo and the Villa Comunale walking tour with audio guide in English and Italian to explore these magnificent places. from main entrance Villa Comunale, Piazza Vittoria cost € 8.00 by Cultural Association Tournarrà reservation required tel. 3495352046/3450406500 www.tournarrà.it

hours 9:00 to 18:00 Pietrarsa, recalling August 6, 1863 guided tour of the collection of the National Museum of Pietrarsa, with the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci, the genius of Good” cost € 8.00 – € 6.00 under 18 by Foundation FS Italian info tel. 081472003

9.00 / 11.45 / 15.45 / 18:30 Pizza supreme. A credit, booklet, for the “low” or with “gaga”, between poverty and nobility Walking tour on the rise and triumph of pizza, from poor food for the “slackers” in delicacy. exit from metro station Piazza Cavour cost € 8.00 by Cultural Association Tournarrà reservation required tel. 3495352046/3450406500 www.tournarrà.it

10:00 Souls of Purgatory and puozza Scula … between Health and Fontanelle Cemetery narrators evoke stories, characters and rituals connected with “refrisco” of “souls do priatorio” and the “leaking” of the deceased; along the way taste of bagels’ nzogna and pepper from Materdei Metro Station, line 1 cost € 8.00 by Association ViviQuartiere reservations required tel.3396304072 facebook viviquartierenapoli

10.00 Open for you guided tour of the Club of the Territory in Sant’Anna dei Lombardi input from church by the Italian Touring Club – Region Campania – Club Land of Naples info tel. 3351272933

10.00 Fork, love and passion in the convent in San Arcangelo Bajano long route via Vicar old, to discover the places of the legend of the Convent, including San Giorgio Maggiore, in Piazza Santa Maria, Sant’Agrippino Fork and St. Augustine’s Mint from Piazza Crocelle to Mannesi, before the church of San Giorgio Maggiore cost € 10.00 by ArcheologiaNapoli Cultural Association, dr. Ivan Varriale reservation required tel. 3494570346

10.00 The last Leopardi and the “semi-barbarian people”: a fatal attraction between spirit and soul Leopardi Naples scenic walk from St. Elmo to the Basilica of St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows Ognibene through Montecalvario and Palazzo Cammarota from Hotel San Francesco Mount, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 328 cost € 6.00 by Cultural Association Locus Iste “Places and Memory” reservation required tel. 3472374210

10.00 intrigues and passions in the heart of Naples, the visit will start from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore and will continue in the homonymous Basilica; the route will be interspersed with literary readings and will end with a coffee offered to participants from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore cost € 7,00 – under 10 free by ParteNeapolis social cooperative reservation required tel. 0814420039/3203512220 facebook and twitter ParteNeapolis Cooperative

10.00 Bike tour riding very comfortable bike you will reach the places players in the May of Monuments from Youth Hostel Mergellina (Ascent of the cave), recommended Mergellina metro Line 2 costs € 15.00 reservation only: tel. 3351525480

10.00 / 11.00 / 12:00 Routes historical-naturalistic to the Archaeological Park of Pausilypon starting from the Grotto of Sejanus, visit the Archaeological Park of Pausilypon, the villa of Publius Vedio Pollio and the lookout on the Islands of Gaiola from Caves Sejanus (Descent Coroglio 36 , Naples) cost € 5.00 by CSI Gaiola onlus reservation required tel. / Fax 0812403235/0815754465/3285947790

10.00-13.00 The Land of Fire and Water itinerary to the discovery of the oldest of the Campi Flegrei: Pozzuoli from churchyard Cathedral of Pozzuoli cost € 5.00 by Cultural Association “Gruppo Archeologico dei Campi Flegrei” info tel . 3482495393/3298489445 /

10.00-13.00 “Ascites crazy!”. Points of the revolt guided tour, with Tammorriata and readings, dedicated to the uprisings of the ‘600 that saw the protagonist Masaniello. It will pass through Piazza del Gesu, Banchi Nuovi and Market Square from Vico San Nicola a Nilo cost € 10.00 by ghostly aps reservation required tel. 3663348735 facebook Association ghostly ps

10.00-13.00 paths generation visits to explore Naples led by students supervised by experienced guides cost € 6.00 by the Youth Cultural Association My Generation info tel. 3358413975

10.00-13.00 Tribute to SS. Ecce Homo to Cerriglio tour to introduce visitors to the beauty and history of un’Arciconfraternita founded in 1620, with its church and holy stairs from the street Cerriglio 12, Naples free visit by Confraternity of SS. Ecce Homo to Cerriglio info tel. 3393320366/3358203537

10.00-13.00 Open for you tour to San Severino and Sossio from Via Bartolomeo Capasso by Italian Touring Club – Region Campania – Club Land of Naples info tel. 3351272933

Hours 10:00 to 13:30 Visit to the exhibitions on the castles of Naples and Campania; visit the Medieval Cistern; video projections on the castles of the city, on the legend of the mermaid Partenope and enchanted egg Virgil center opening media the Italian Castle, located in Castel dell’Ovo cost € 5.00 by Italian Institute of Castles Onlus- section Campania reservation required tel. 3336853918

10.00-12.00 / 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The pagan music and mysticism of solar cults in Naples greek Roman, to discover the colors and seals of the early Christian churches route through San Biagio dei Booksellers, Palazzo Diomede Carafa, St. James Church to ‘ Olmo, Via San Gregorio Armeno and San Lorenzo Maggiore from Largo Corpo di Napoli cost € 6.00 by Archeo-History Investigative reservation required tel. 3206875887

10.00-17.00 Open for you tour to San Giorgio Maggiore and San Diego all’Ospedaletto by Italian Touring Club – Region Campania – Club Land of Naples info tel. 3351272933

10.15 The red cloth: from Sciosciammocca Lucariello to walk narrated and dramatized in the district Chiaja to retrace the history of the family-Scarpetta De Filippo from Metro Line 2 Piazza Amedeo cost € 3,00 – free under 6 by Association of Social Promotion “San Francesco di Paola” reservation required tel. 3341224826

10.30 The Music Chapel of Pio Monte della Misericordia a guided tour that starts and ends in the Chapel in the sphere of Quadreria cost € 5.00 by Pio Monte della Misericordia reservation required tel. 081446944/081446973

10.30 Secrets and secret of Castel Capuano tour that will trace the transformations of Castel Capuano from the origins from Castel Capuano cost € 2.00 by Astrea-Feelings of Justice with the support of the Foundation in collaboration with Castel Capuano Ass. culturaleA Item high and Ass. Insolitaguida reservation required tel. 3493142258

10.30 Market Square between passions and revolutions in the places of the revolution of Masaniello and martyrs of the Neapolitan Republic of 1799; Some events will be replicated by actors in period costumes from Piazza del Carmine, near the Basilica cost € 8.00 by Association ViviQuartiere reservations required tel.3396304072 facebook viviquartierenapoli

10.30 Spaccanapoli a tour in the heart of the historical center, Piazza del Gesù to San Gregorio Armeno cost € 6.00 by Association Insolitaguida info tel. 3389652288 10.30 Lights and shadows, the colors of the Fontanelle Cemetery guided tour of the cemetery and the exhibition “The Fontanelle Cemetery beyond the folklore and the popular, ongoing research …” free tour by Iris Fontanelle info tel. 3284790743

10.30 The youngest volcano in the world: the New Monte Nature walk in the Campi Flegrei to the discovery of Monte Nuovo. patenza entrance oasis Monte Nuovo / for those leaving from Naples, Montesanto station cost 9.00 € 5.00 by Nobody Excluded Association in collaboration with certified guide Reg. Campania info tel. 3460815260/3385261454

10.30 A ‘Health guided tour in the village of Maidens with short stops at the palaces and baroque churches from Porta San Gennaro (Piazza Cavour) cost € 6.00 by Tatatour, Ass. Cultural Metropolitano Vulcano reservation required tel. 08118891696/3483690498

10.30 / 11.30 / 12.30 The Golden Mile and its villas guided tour of Villa Campolieto with an explanation of the historical and architectural development of the “Golden Mile” cost € 10.00 by Summer Sprint by Pianetaviaggi Ltd. info tel. 08119206140/3381768353

10.30 / 11.30 / 12.30 Turris Octava – Flirting with trails of lava tour of the basement of Tower of Greek with exploration of rich findings volcanic cost € 10.00 by Summer Sprint by Pianetaviaggi Ltd. info tel. 08119206140/3381768353

10.30-12.30 Passion, sin and redemption. Itinerary to discover the places of prostitution and penance to the Spanish Quarter, by Caterina Valente to Sophia Loren free entry by Prof. Antonella Marino in collaboration with the course participants PON 2010/2011 promoted by the school “Pasquale Scura” info tel. 3298408524 facebook:

10.30-12.30 The square of remembrance tour in the Piazza Mercato and Piazza del Carmine, with calls to the relevant churches as well as those of Sant’Eligio and San Giovanni a Mare from Piazza Mercato cost € 5.00 per care The Association of Cornicello info tel. 3316176219

10:30 to 13:30 hours The Five Senses of Naples tourists will be put in contact with the city through history, art, music and gastronomy, the Galleria Umberto in Mergellina, passing through Piazza Plebiscito and Saint Lucia from Galleria Umberto cost € 50,00 by Leandra Musto reservation required tel. 3668636468

11.00 The Rione Terra of Pozzuoli an exciting journey in Rione Terra to discover one of the most beautiful sites greek / roman area flegrea cost € 8.00 by Cooperative Culture Felix reservation required tel. 3334338049

11.00 From private house to house-museum: Villa Pignatelli at Villa Pignatelli, Riviera di Chiaia 200, Naples cost € 10.00 – free children up to 14 years by Flavia Gargiulo info tel. 3477563742

hours 11:00 to 12:30 / 17:00 to 18:30 Routes with Giordano Bruno: the Renaissance and the Neapolitan tradition Egyptian secret visit with interactive use of video glasses lcd discovering esoteric tours of Naples from Largo Corpo di Napoli 3 (square Nile) at Museum cost € 20.00 by Ass. “IVI Routes Video Interactive” reservation required tel. 08119485763/3483976244

11:00 to 13:30 hours Food and art, starting from San Giovanni a Carbonara, we will visit the historical park of King Ladislas, Porta Capuana, the Monumental Complex of Santa Caterina in Formiello (church, cloisters, former wool factory Sava) and the Fountain of Formiello cost € 13.00 – reductions for children and students € 11.00 by Auctions and Node-Agency Informal local development info tel. 3362697991

11.30 The love denied and mercy: “The Sons of the Madonna”. Guided tour of the Royal House of the Annunciation and the Wheel of Esposti’s visit deepens the knowledge of the Monumental Complex of the Annunciation, the birth of the Royal House to the abolition of the Wheel of Esposti from input complex Annunciation, via Annunziata 34 cost € 6.00 by Association Artedra reservation required tel. 3207532781/3383364625

11:30 to 13:30 hours Path unusual in Naples apartment early twentieth century guided tour and gastronomic tradition of Vomero from Vomero Center, Pizzeria Gorizia cost € 15.00 by Fiorenza Grasso reservation required tel. 3478486125

16:00 to 19:00 hours guided tours accompanied by Dostoevsky in the pulpit, the legend of the Grand Inquisitor by Luca Di Tommaso Complex of St. Joseph of the Discalced, Salita Pontecorvo, 65 cost € 5.00 by Archintorno with the coordination of the Discalced info tel. 3392255494 facebook The Discalced

16.30 New Castle: Royal Palace and fortress Angevin-Aragonese castle entrance from free tour (tickets in advance of admission ticket at the ticket) by the Italian Institute of Castles non-profit-section Campania reservation required tel. 3336853918

17.30 Red-Churches to discover churches, squares and buildings of decumani, places of music and passion: Jesus Nuovo, Santa Chiara, San Domenico Maggiore cost € 5.00 by Association Korakalé info tel. 3886548460/3207275544 facebook Association Korakalé

17.30 Red Pompeian discovering churches, palaces and noble from the characteristic color “Pompeii red” long Constantinople, the way of the Muse from the National Archaeological Museum entrance cost € 7.00 by Association ViviQuartiere reservations required tel.3396304072 viviquartiere @ facebook viviquartierenapoli

18.00 Dracula the Aragonese court a tour dedicated to the figure of the mysterious Dracula and his ties to Naples costs € 10.00 by Association Insolitaguida info tel. 3389652288

18.00 The rediscovery of medieval Naples suggestive walk narrated time to retrace the exploits of Naples through the stories of medieval knights, art, architecture and legends it costs € 6.00 by Association Insolitaguida info tel. 3389652288

19.00 Meretrices, in the folds of hypocrisy journey to discover the house of Domenico Mondragone Naples and other places where the art of seduction hidden within the history of Naples from Club 55, via Toledo 55 cost € 12,00 per treatment Cultural Association of NarteA reservation required tel. 3397020849/3346227785

20.30 Open for you night visit to San Severino with drink and snack final by Italian Touring Club – Region Campania – Club Land of Naples info tel. 3351272933 20.30 Black Neapolitan walk animated by actors between myths and legends Neapolitan, including Virgil magician, Maria d’Avalos, the devil pork and “souls do priatorio” from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (Pietrasanta) along via dei Tribunali cost € 8.00 by ArcheologiaNapoli Cultural Association, dr. Ivan Varriale collaboration with Association ViviQuartiere, dr. Giuseppe Esposito reservation required tel. 3494570346

20.30 Black Neapolitan in the ancient heart of Naples between folklore and anthropology, religion and superstition, esotericism and mystery from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (Pietrasanta), along via dei Tribunali cost € 8.00 by Association ViviQuartiere / Cultural Association ArcheologiaNapoli reservations required tel.3396304072 facebook viviquartierenapoli


hours 9:30 to 15:00 Aperitif Art in Via Foria exhibition with artistic performances and tastings of typical business facing Via Foria Via Foria, from n. 54-164 free admission by Foria center info

10.00 The restless souls Giovanna, the Neapolitan Queen. Serial Killer woman crazy horse theater-music, text by Giuseppe De Chiara, music of Maestro Stefano Busiello Nereids Events, via Posillipo 19 / cost to € 15.00 by the Cultural Prince of Dreams reservations required 3,495,209,124 ilprincipedeisogni1 @ virgilio .it

hours 10:00 to 13:00 150th anniversary of the consecration of the Anglican Church of Christ Church Naples extraordinary opening, via S. Pasquale a Chiaia 15 / b, info

hours 11:00 to 13:00 All the colors of San Carlino characters represent ‘Ocore’ and Napule through a process of sounds, songs and pay homage also Giacomo Leopardi Church of San Gennaro Olmo, Via San Gregorio Armeno 35 cost € 5,00 per care The Association Nuovo Teatro San Carlino info tel. 360637399

11.30 Open for you concert of voice and guitar, jazz music with the duo Lomanto Zamuner Church San Diego all’Ospedaletto cost to be determined by the Italian Touring Club, Region Campania, the region of Naples Club info tel. 3351272933 12.30 Napoli: My Eternal Passion concert / tasting, Classic Neapolitan Songs with Fulvio De Innocentiis tastings: pizza, bruschetta and the chili by Cooking Fofò cost adults € 10.00, couples € 15 00 children € 5.00

17.30 I love you assaje concert / coffee and delicious Neapolitan anthology of Neapolitan Classical Song with Valentina Fusaro, voice, Carla Orbinati, piano, Ariane Onorato, flute, Alfredo Apuzzo, clarinet, Luca Liccardi, horn, Lucio De Feo, arrangements, cost € 10.00

19.00 Walking Neapolitan concert / presentation, the most beautiful Neapolitan songs by Pergolesi Di Giacomo with the soloists of the Ensemble Discantus: violins Arturo Sica and Maria D’Alessio, purple Tiziana Traverso, Antonello Grima cello, double bass Gennaro Pupil, flute Piccolo Stefano Duke, purple Only Marco Traverso, soprano Regina Clementina cost adults € 12.00, children 5.00 hours 21:30 NAPLES JAZZ WINTER 2015 Mario Nappi Trio In Concert cost € 12.00 Domus Ars Culture Center, Via Santa Chiara, 10 tel info . 0813425603/3388615640

15.30 Marching Band Maltese “San Gaetano” Tribute Band Malta on the occasion of his visit to Naples Piazza San Gaetano – Via Tribunali – via Duomo 17.00 Procession to San Gennaro info

17.00 Open My Heart songs, verse and prose of the greatest authors Neapolitans 800 and 900 with Marisa Carluccio and Michele Sibilio Convent of San Domenico Maggiore, the Chapter Room cost € 10.00 by cultural association Rama info 3343543085/3337453611

17.00 All the colors of San Carlino characters represent ‘Ocore’ and Napule through a process of sounds, songs and pay homage also Giacomo Leopardi Church of San Gennaro Olmo, Via San Gregorio Armeno 35 cost € 5,00 per care of ‘ The association Nuovo Teatro San Carlino info tel. 360637399

18:00 Martin Garrix Martin Garrix, stage name of Martijn Garritsen, is a disc jockey and record producer Dutch, affiliated with Spinnin ‘Records. Entered the Top 10 in over ten countries, currently 4th dj in the world has more than 500 million viewing on YouTube for his song “Animals” Theatre Palapartenope, via Barbagallo, 115 cost € 33, 00 info tel 0817628216 info @ Palapartenope. en

19.00 MusicaL’arte concert of classical guitar Nicola Montella Palazzo Diomede Carafa, Via San Biagio dei Booksellers 121 free contribution by Association KoraKalé info tel. 3886548460/3207275544 facebook Association Korakalé

19.00 / 21.00 Artemisia. The Heart of Naples The play tells the life and work of the painter Artemisia Gentileschi, a woman who wanted to assert its independence in a male monumental complex San Gennaro Olmo, Via San Gregorio Armeno 35 cost € 10.00, reduced € 8.00 (under 25, over 65) and Cral € 7.00 by Teatro dell’Osso info 3291850120

20.30 Music in May. Eternally Caruso concert of Neapolitan classical songs with soloists, choir and instrumental ensemble Accademia Musicale Enrico Caruso, directed by Giuseppe Schirone Basilica of San Giovanni Maggiore, ramps San Giovanni Maggiore, cross Mezzocannone cost € 10.00, free admission for children up to 12, reduced € 7.00 for children aged 13 to 18 and students equipped with record book edited by Associazione Musicale Enrico Caruso info tel. 0812264769/3382874372

21.00 The Moscow gold … on the trail of the Wizard Virgil with the help of oil lanterns, will accompany you to discover the myth of Naples, enchanted symbols and, above all, the character, poet and magician, holy and damned from outside the Cathedral of Naples costs € 10.00 by Mani and Volcanoes info tel. 815643978/3404230980