Fifteen opportunities to have fun at Campi Flegrei


Discovering the Campi Flegrei and its best , having fun , knowing , savoring . Second weekend for the eighth edition of Malazè , the event archeoenogastronomico involving dozens of associations, businesses , restaurateurs, wine producers in the area of Pozzuoli , Quarter, Bacoli , Monte di Procida and Procida. Here is the detailed program of 15 events on Sunday 15 and Monday 16 September.

Sunday, September 15

Bacoli ( all day) : by boat and bike to know the lake Misenus , wine therapy at Bagni di Bacco, drink and birthwatching at Roof & Sky , visit the farm Piscina Mirabilis , visit the rows for growing mussels. Five tours offered by the association Lagovivo . Info: 081.3047642 – 392.4153474 –

Bacoli and Monte di Procida ( 9 o’clock) : ” literary and photographic tour in the Campi Flegrei : the protagonist is you! ” By associations Snap! and The Diary of traveler . The event will include a ” reinterpretation ” of the Campi Flegrei through a journey in the most evocative . The reading will take place in two ways: a writing workshop on site for lovers of literary references and a photo lab in the pipeline for amateur photographers . Two groups of people, divided into two small bus , will be guided on the path from the characters of the book ” Fourteen ” by Matilde Iaccarino, through Bacoli and Monte di Procida. Info: 3282235086 to 3332767104[charme-gallery]

Campi Flegrei ( 9.30 ) : ” Hunt Treasures of the Campi Flegrei ” by the Organizing Committee Hunt Treasures of the Campi Flegrei and the Archaeological Group Kyme . Around the Campi Flegrei hunting for ” Treasures” melting puzzles , studying maps , photographing monuments to reach the finish line first . Part of the fee will be used for the enhancement of one of the “treasures” . Info: – 3343329500 to 3333682168

Pozzuoli ( 9.30 ) : Sweets Quality presents: ” The house of the bees .” The appointment with Joseph and Alessandra is Monterusciello apiary , which with the support of equipment and stories introduce children to the extraordinary life of bees and their products , honey . Demonstration of honey extraction , and taste of various types of honey, propolis , and Pollen . The kids ( with jacket and mask ) will visit the site of a beehive and nell’apiario will be guided by experts. Participation is free . Info: 0815265258

Procida ( 10 hours ) : Visit to Vivara by Vivara and La Mela associations. Visit to the State Natural Reserve of Vivara , for a limited number of people , as part of a study project on the geomorphology of the island. Info: 3477984794-3342632406 –

Pozzuoli , Lake D’Averno ( 10.30 to 18.30 ) : ” Malazè small garden to Orco ” with AgriGiochiAmo , Flegreando , Counter / Hand Culture Adventure , Over the top , and many others. Malazè of Small is the range of activities for children and families. The activities will take place at the Garden of ‘ Ogre, who will become the occasion for a children’s eco- educational . Several associations represent the educational offer , leisure , cultural, recreational , sports suitable for children . The program includes activities play or dramatized on agriculture , food, environment , history and myth . Info: – 3939824709 –

Monte di Procida ( 10.30 ) : ” The Past to the Present : The Cellai ” by Michele Often associations and Colors Flegrei. Path archaeo -historical- cultural Chapel . Photo Exhibition ” Framing ” . Info: 3393723450-3343327538 –

Bacoli , lake Fusaro ( 11 hours ) . “La Casina dei … Bourbon ” by associations Assodipendenti , Terramia and Artemis. The event offers a mixture of art, culture , food and wine . Guided tour dramatized the Casina Vanvitelliana , then finished at the restaurant ” The Paolanto ” , with a tasting of culinary excellence of Campi Flegrei. Info: 3481149647-3471594511 –

Pozzuoli (16) : ” The Culture You Eat – Second International Symposium creative idleness in the Campi Flegrei ” by the Baths of Nero and Francesco stoves Escalona . In strict uniform of order , or robes and sandals, the guests disserteranno on how to uncover the extraordinary future of this Earth thousands of years. The content will be released in the lightness and serenity , the shape will be the oldest of creative , the times will be strictly Slow . In the cult of the lightness of Italo Calvino intellectuals, poets, artists and free thinkers , will dialogue . Or be silent … and listen to their souls and the flux of ideas between the sulphurous fumes of the volcano and the gurgling waters. Info: 3470771950-0818688006 –[charme-gallery]

Bacoli (17 hours ) : “ Ve vurria cunta ‘ … nu cunto : the most beautiful fairy tales in Neapolitan “by Above the Lines , Cast Cafe, Point of Departure. Games and movement improvisational theater for children. Info: 3283287946-3929287300 –

Pozzuoli , Oasis Montenuovo (17 hours ) : “ Four colors for the Campi Flegrei ” by the Cooperative The Flight of Daedalus . A nature trail between the Oasis of Monte Nuovo and Lake Avernus . During the course activities will be to interpret the landscape for small and large to observe different look with some of the most characteristic and famous of the Campi Flegrei and make their own contribution in the reading of this land. Info: 3277073112 –

Pozzuoli (19 hours) : “ Villages Open – Silence ! Enters the people … ” by the association Elements Flegrei and the Theatre Company ” Vulimm Vula ” that will stage ” Ferdinand ” by Annibale Ruccello , in the quaint courtyard of the apartment building that opens the door to people with exposures art and photography and hosting tastings of typical products flegrei . Info: 3293396139-3284329480 –

Pozzuoli (17 hours ) : ” Taste of … creative story – Let’s play as the Romans ” by association “Against / Hand .” An afternoon of fun that will see the children involved in the creation of games inspired by all ‘ ancient Rome. Info: 3208132057 –

Monday, September 16

Quarto ( at 20) : “ A Star in the Cellar ” by the Cantine Di Criscio . Quartum Store was founded in 2011 to expand the objectives of Cantine Di Criscio . We define the Quartum Store as a container for events with an emphasis on food and wine culture . During the event Malazè we decided to host a “star ” in the cellar , Chef Lino Scarallo starred chef of the restaurant Palazzo Petrucci of Naples revisit the typical dishes of the Campi Flegrei. Info: 3355479723 –

Bacoli , Lake Miseno ( 20,30 ) . ” The Night of the Flegree Bubbles ” by Roof & Sky by AIS The appointment is on the trimaran moored to the docks of the lakeside of Bacoli then set sail and reach the center of the lake in Misano and celebrate late into the night with bubbles of Campi Flegrei. Menu of raw seafood and typical dishes flegrei to accompany the tasting of bubbles of burning fields . Info: 3356790897 –

(ph. Marina Sgamato)