Manara in Naples opens the “Rooms of desire”


Opens to the public on April 11, with a meeting with the press, the expectation of the the Veronese master of comics Milo ManaraThe rooms of desire“. The exhibition is included in the main program of Napoli Comicon, the International Comics Expo, which will take place from April 30 to May 3 at the Mostra d’Oltremare. Milo Manara was appointed “Magister” the festival for 2015, a sort of “cultural president” who will be dedicated precisely the main exhibition, which has made the poster of the Exhibition and collaborates with other sections of the cultural program. The exhibition will be a summary of the work of the author of “The Game”, which this year celebrates 70 years. The earliest stories, historical and biographical, the first forays into popular cartoon and copyright, to the great creations that have given us the reputation of the most important Italian comic book writer in the world. The saga of Giuseppe Bergman, the stories of Miele and Claudia, the many collaborations with big names of Italian art world, from Fellini to Piovani, from Cerami to Celentano, all the comics will be on display at the Pan (the Palace of Arts Naples, an important exhibition of the capital of Campania) in a chronological, but also marked in thematic sections of the work and the author of the erotic component it is so well known among non-experts on the subject.

We will get in the way, therefore, in this path of wonderful female figures, including illustrations, paintings, original drawings, the new series of “Zodiac” to the drug covers in large format of the series created by RCS. All this for a total of nearly 120 boards on display, as well as other historical materials, with the usual care of exhibition exhibitions Comicon, between sets and audiovisual resources. The exhibition – which will be at the Pan until May 30 – uses a beautiful illustration unpublished Manara, on display and as a poster, made available by a collector in Naples. The entrance ticket will have a lot of content to allow citizens to enjoy the wonderful images of the master Manara; which will meet fans April 29, inaugurating Napoli Comicon, right into the rooms of the Pan, in an ideal bridge with the pavilions of the Overseas Exhibition, which will open its doors the next day. “The Pan continues to be characterized as a privileged place for the different languages ​​of contemporary artists to be able to attract and appeal to a young audience through genres, poetic and expressive forms, linked to the imaginary critic metropolitan”, said Nino Daniele, councilor Culture of the City of Naples.