Melannurca IGP, elixir of long life made in Campania


The recognition that you do not expect for a product of excellence of Terra Felix: the mela annurca IGP, glory and pride of agricolture of Campania. Well, this fruit, bound to the fields of the Virgilio earth over two millennia (his depiction in paintings found in ruins at Herculaneum, testifies to the ancient bond of “Annurca” with the Roman world) would have beneficial effects for the control of bad cholesterol and contrast to baldness. This is certified by a study of the Department of Pharmacy of the University “Federico II” of Naples that the polyphenols extracted from meletipiche of Campania has got two nutraceutical products in advanced stages of human testing. Along with the Consortium Melannurca IGP, the department has signed, the Milan Expo, a memorandum of understanding that provides to producers of melannurca IGP can provide raw materials to the nutraceutical. The university of Federico II worked three years on the cultivar Annurca Apple and Red Apple South, grown in the production area IGP.

“All apples contain polyphenols – explains Gian Carlo Tenore, professor of chemistry and toxicology of the department – but the cultivar examined have a content of a group of polyphenols from recognized health effects, procyanidins, much higher than any other cultivar. So it was developed mela annurca cholesterol, a nutraceutical product can reduce total cholesterol by 28.8% and increase the expression of HDL (good cholesterol) by 60%”.
The beneficial effects on the human body of polyphenolic extracts obtained from apples annurche were already ‘known in the literature, but they were always tested in vitro. The product has a daily total polyphenols – 800 milligrams. – Equivalent to eight apples, and it is in the final phase of human trials. Replicated the process for AppleMets hair, that effectively fights baldness, allowing the regrowth of hair with a significant increase also in hair diameter. In this case the study focused on the selection of procyanidin B-2, responsible for the effect regrowth.