The 9 + 1 top pizzas in Naples according Charming


We always read (and sometimes published) super charts dedicated to this or that other dish, forged by the greatest gourmets or foodbloggher World (Neapolitan or Italic they were). Classifications often appeared even in foreign journals. On the border in fact. And then we said, but since we are talking of Naples and of all that is beautiful, luscious and excellent cuisine of the city produces the Gulf, because shadowing us a ranking of flavors “made in Naples”? We who’s poignant Partenope we showcase? A ranking of our own, to be honest. Drafted by a team, the House, that we in Naples vice and work there. A drawing made of simple people, but lovers of the dish very Neapolitan prince and best known in the world: His Majesty the pizza.

Let’s be clear, though, and without detracting from the teachers who work in the province (indeed !!): we are talking only of pizza “made in town” !! Because it is in Naples that we are dealing with here. And we explain, first of all, the criteria that we have followed for the evaluation of the most famous of the disks of flour. Apart from the geographical location (city Naples, as said) we started from the quality of the products used to mix, seasoning and cooking. A real criteria. Conditio sine qua non. Prerequisite without which produce a disc of dough worthy to be called “pizza” is, in our view, virtually impossible.

Second, we have taken account of the marriage between old and new. Between innovation and tradition, in fact. A mix that Neapolitan masters of the art of the oven and flour offer through their skilled hands.

Last but not least, to put Toto, we voted second … the taste. That’s right: the taste. Two objective criteria, therefore, and a “subjective” to indicate those that “we like more.” Because, as it is known, objective elements aside, it is true that the taste is always a personal matter. In short, we believe we have chosen a cocktail … honest assessment (at least in our opinion, of course).

Finally we explain, because “9 + 1” and not simply “10”. First, for a stylistic choice. Because it clear, we did not write the usual “top ten” or “top 10” and then we seemed nicer titolarla as we did. But the real reason lies in the 1 written next. While nine, in fact, the pizzas are of traditional type selected, that one and only “1” stands for … stuffed fried. The so-called “calzone stuffed”. An addition, in short, the special gallery entirely dedicated to pizza. Here then explained the reason for quest’addizione expressed in the title.

Finally one last, needed clarification: we talked about the standings, it’s true. But in reality, rather than ranking real, one built by Charme is a kind of file in … tied. Yes, you read that right: a par. There is, in fact, no podium among those nine (+1) pizzerias selected by our editorial staff. And the order in which we have described, is purely coincidental (well, as we have come to memory !!) because for our “judges” of taste, “all are equal”, from 1 to 9. Clear now? Okay. We have over .. To you, now, to find out who they are, according Charming, the real king of pizza “made in Naples.”

N.B. We are confident that, once you read the list, someone among you distort the nose. Already we seem to feel, “Why yes, and this other one not? What! Have you forgotten that!”. Etc etc etc. We say loud and clear: go ahead. Criticisms, recommendations and suggestions are welcome. Adremo to make some editorial meeting even where none of us has ever been. We all eyes !!

The Notizia in Via Caravaggio, (top)

50 Kalò in Piazza Sannazzaro

Antica Pizzeria by Michele in Via Sersale

Pizzeria Brandi in Salita Sant’Anna di Palazzo

The daughter of the President in Via del Grande Archive

By Attilio Via Pignasecca

To 22 in Via Pignasecca

By Pellone in Via Nazionale

By Sorbillo Via dei Tribunali

Hachè in Via Partenope