There is no story. In Italy, the pizzerias in Naples are the best !!

pizza napoletana

The classification made from house organ American leaves no doubt. The best pizza is prepared in Naples. A sentenziarlo is the Daily Meal, including web sites overseas mostly credited to the food, which sought to classify pizza product sizing the top 15 pizzerias in Italy where you can find only the best. On this list of 15, appearing in the top 10 than 9 pizza made in Naples. What are the criteria used to compile this list this? Soon said. Literally read what they write on their pages about it.

“To arrive at this list of the best pizzas in Italy, we took into consideration all the elements that make the pizza special. For example, some have been chosen for a certain form and the other for their taste. Other for their buffalo mozzarella. And there are those, including the pizza masters, burning wood at a specific temperature to produce a special flavor. In the final analysis, we have considered creativity, popularity among locals and tourists, their position in relation to the city and the atmosphere they create for the guests but especially repeat, for their taste. “But we see now rank among the top ten pizzerias in Naples Doc.

In tenth place is the Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, eclectic and namesake Neapolitan pizza. Nona is the oldest pizzeria Port’Alba, the ancient road of the libraries. In Via dei Tribunali, in the city center, the pizzeria in seventh place, Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente. At the elbow, in the same way the House of Pizza in sixth place and Di Matteo. Moving a quarter, reaching Materdei, the place is numbered five of Pizzeria Starita. Fourth is the Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro Via Pietro Colletta, towards the railway station.

And now the podium. Drum roll for the third. Bronze medal for the Pizzeria Brandi, the home of the birthplace of the Margherita pizza. Silver and second in the standings pizza Pizzeria La Notizia, the master Enzo Coccia. Drum roll and applause for the final first place, Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Via Cesare Sersale.

And if you are not convinced or you have any doubt or suggestion, you can go to the website of The Daily Meal and suggest your own ranking. We thank the attention.