Vesuvius protagonist to Bourbon Gallery


“The appearance of Vesuvius, that night, was too solemn. The unusual vivacity that animated him presented to our eyes one of these great spectacles of nature, before which we feel forced to contemplate astonished and silent. “If he were still alive, probably the writer Renato Fucini, so describe the emotion released by the sixth edition of “Art and Fashion take shape” at the Gallery Bourbon, event, conceived by Ludovico Lieto, dedicated this time to the “Naples volcanic”. The event is scheduled for Sunday, November 30, starting at 19.30, in the tunnel via Morelli, along the subterranean decidedly more charming of Naples, managed by the “Bourbon Underground”, which for one night will be dyed red with special effects that will attract the theme of the evening. Theme, which will spotlight one of the cult symbols of the city: the Vesuvius. But not only. Protagonist is also the volcanic nature of our land, the source of inspiration of the works on display for the exhibition of contemporary art, curated by Valeria Viscione of Visual Experimental Gallery Project, and live performances of dance, theater and music provided for the big event. Exhibit for the occasion: Luca “Zeus40” Caputo, Antonella Della Volpe, Dario Di Franco, MakeAnObject, Tiziana Mastropasqua, Mark Minin, Mr. Koso, Petra Scognamiglio. Also planned installations glam by the Academy of Fashion in Naples.

As with each edition will not miss the moment fashion, with “tableaux vivants” of models who pose for important brands, mingling as works of art among the natural settings of the tunnel. For women’s fashion, the protagonists of the evening dresses Navel, for men, heads of workshops. For accessories, even an installation of Paul Rinaldi, famous signature leather goods “Made in Italy”.

To frame the collective of art and fashion moments, for the evening performing art with photographer Matthew Anatrella and project & Soul Matrix, Anna Melancholy with ballet “Lunacy”, Agnes Claudia Masucci and Joseph Tuzzi with bodypainting double inspired theme of the evening and last but not least, the Society of danzAttori Maurizio Mauro Palumbo with the performance “Eìsodos – the entrance to the non-verbal communication.”

By invitation

Sunday, November 30, 2014 – 19:30

Bourbon Tunnel – Via D. Morelli, Naples – c / o Parking Morelli