Moni Ovadia on stage at Baia Terme takes the singing of hellenism

Al Parco dei Campi Flegrei, tra testi classici e contemporanei, rivive il mito degli antichi eroi

Moni Ovadia a Baia, canta la grecità

Moni Ovadia is the protagonist on Wednesday, July 26 (at 9 pm), at the national premiere, at the Ancient Drama Festival at Baia Terme, “The singing of hellenism. The age of myths without age“. Ovadia, author and actor particularly attentive to the myths and cultures that over the centuries have crossed the Mediterranean, presents at the exhibition realized by the Campania Region, with the MiBACT – Archeological Park of the Camps of Flegrei, the Foundation Campania dei Festival and the INDA – National Institute Of the Ancient Drama, a new show, built intertwining the revelations of the ancient poets of the great Greek poet Jannis Ritsos and the classics chosen by the historian and Greekist Luciano Canfora.

Thus, a tale, in verse and music, is devoted to myths and heroes, “grasping them”, emphasizes Moni Ovadia, “when they look tired, modest, defeated, in short, when they look more like us”. The singing combines on the subject a selection of classic, contemporary texts that, in addition to the songs from “Fourth Dimension” by Ritsos, contains fragments of Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Euripides, Homer and verses of Italian poets Giosuè Carducci and Dante Alighieri.