Moon Party on Valentine’s Day in the Città della Scienza

Napoli, Moon Party a Citta della Scienza

Città della Scienza dedicating the “Feast of Love” to the only natural satellite of the Earth, the Moon has always been a source of inspiration for songs and poems of love. Friday 14 February, the day traditionally dedicated to Valentine’s Day, thanks to an extraordinary opening from 8 p.m. to midnight, the museum area of Bagnoli (Naples) will offer the opportunity to spend a romantic evening, fun and passionate, exhibitions, interactive installations, observations of stars laboratories and amazing for what promises to be a real “Moon Party”.

A special evening for all lovers, in fact. That aims to replicate the success of the previous editions. Numerous activities planned for a festival not to be missed! As the exhibition “Brain, head in the world”, for example, which will provide all the couples concerned the opportunity to test their affinity simply wearing a special helmet emotional.

And what of the path “Love Pins + App + Instant Love Show”, which take you step by step the evening of lovers in the corridors of Città della Scienza? And again, just to mention two other events on the calendar in the neapolitan “Moon Party”: in “Nature in love”, visitors will have the chance to discover the rules of love of plants and insects, while “Taste of science” will explore the many scientific phenomena that characterize our daily lives.

To close, here then “The wonders of light” a fascinating journey by candlelight with a series of experiments that will be used to find out how to make some objects invisible. It will be also possible, for those who want to book a dinner for two by calling the numbers in the contact center of the Città della Scienza.

Città della Scienza
via Coroglio, 104-57 Naples
Contact Centre: +39.081.7352258 +39.081.7352259
+39.081.7352 220 +39.081.7352 222
Fax +39.081.7352 224
Entrance “MOON Party” € 6.50 per person
Dinner “MOON Party” 25 € per person